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Easy money:

Shoot asteroids near a space station to mine their elements, return to the space station, sell everything, and repeat as many times as desired. This is the fastest and easiest method to getting money — and it works anywhere at any time. There are infinite asteroids. Some of them even contain rare metals that sell for much higher prices, but mostly you will find thamium. It is not worth much, but the fact that you can get 100 of them in one second is worth the trouble (100 thamium is worth 2,000 units). You also do not have to wander off too far from the space station since there are asteroids everywhere. This is best done in a solar system with high thamium prices. Make sure you have a clean inventory in your ship and suit.

Make lots of Bypass Chips and sell them. They only cost 10 plutonium and 10 iron to make, and the blueprint is unlocked from the start. They are the two most common elements. While 10 of these elements are worth almost nothing, a bypass chip is worth 3,500 units. Obtain a lot of iron and plutonium, go to a space station, craft bypass chips, and sell them until you run out of resources. Then, repeat the process. You will make 35,000 units from 100 plutonium and 100 iron (selling the elements alone would give you only 5,000 units).

Visit Atlas Interfaces (formerly Atlas Stations) and get the Atlas Stones. They sell for 70k units (after patch 1.03). Before the patch they sold for 270k.

Stack up on rare metals (gold, titanium, etc.). All the elements with a green background color are worth a lot. Gold is the best one. Some planets have a lot of gold. This is random, but if you find such a planet, you should take advantage of it. Gold usually comes in the form of giant rocks. You can find a lot of it on radioactive planets.

Everything you discover can be uploaded (and renamed) when connected to the game servers. You will get money for doing this. This is helpful for getting things going early in the game. When the current space station does not offer a good price for your stuff, sell it at the next station.


Getting to galaxy center quickly:

The ultimate goal in the game is to reach the center of the galaxy. Early in the game you will encounter a Space Anomaly. It looks like a smaller version of a space station with a spinning machine around it. They appear randomly as you fly through space. Inside is an alien. Talk to it to be presented with three paths: Go for the center (follow black
holes), go for atlas (follow atlas stations for money), explore as you desire. Select the path to the center choice to automatically locate a black hole on your map. Then, complete the following steps:

1.Upgrade your Hyperdrive to warp 300 LY instead of 100. Even more is possible with a
second upgrade.
2.Use a black hole. They will teleport you 2,000 light years closer to the center.
This is by far the quickest way to travel.
3.Warp to Atlas Interface and collect the two Warp Cells and Atlas Stone.
Every Atlas Interface has two free Warp Cells — so you do not have to craft them.
4.Repeat steps 2 and 3. Collect the two warp cells from Atlas Interface,
use them to get to a black hole, and repeat.

Later when you have the Atlaspass V3, you can find fuel resources (Suspension Fluid, Electron Vapour, Antimatter, Warp Cells) in the back room of space stations. The V3 pass is only available when you are much further into the game. Once you have it, this basically gives infinite warp cells. You would buy Zinc and Heridium from the station,
open the locked canisters in the backroom for fuel ingredients, and craft them together into a Warp Cell (Plutonium is also found in the backroom; you must get Thamium yourself by shooting a few asteroids). Additionally, keep stacks of Plutonim, Heridium, Zinc, and Thamium in your inventory. They are needed to craft fuel related items. Note: If you want to get to the center even quicker, delete the patches and play Version 1.00 of the game. You will start only 40,000 lightyears away from the center (with the patch installed you start 175,000 lightyears away). Also, you do not need the Atlaspass V3 in the unpatched version to get unlimited fuel resources.


Getting the Atlas Pass V1 and finding a Space Anomaly:

In the third solar system (after warping two times), you must use your ship’s scanner to locate an Alien Monolith. The monolith will be marked with a purple icon on one of the planets. This is after you have learned how to craft the antimatter and warped to the next star. Interact with the Alien Monolith to mark an Atlas Interface on your map.
Warp to the Atlas Interface. In the Atlas Interface, you must talk to the large orb and choose to “Concent.” Do not refuse the orb. When you pick the correct option, it will give you an Atlas Stone. Space Anomalies will now randomly appear when you travel to new solar systems. You may have to warp many times before finding one. It is random and one will eventually appear. It is recommended you stay on the path the game gives you. When you reach a new system, always use your scanner. If a Space Anomaly is nearby, it should get marked with a purple icon. Inside is an Alien scientist. Talk to him to get the Atlas Pass V1 crafting formula. Then, craft it for 25 x Iron + 10 x Heridium. The Atlas Pass gives you access to the side rooms of Space Stations. These contain upgrades for your multi-tool and exo suit. Some locked boxes can also be opened with it that contain rare materials such as Suspension Fluid, Electron Vapour, Antimatter, and Warp Cells. Note: It does not matter which path you choose at the beginning of the game (or if you choose one at all). The directions above are the same regardless.


Getting Heridium:

Heridium is a Silicate element, commodity, and crafting material in the game. It is used to craft Antimatter and some upgrades. It can be found on planets and mined from tall rocks. These are quite common. You can fly close to the surface with your starship to spot them. They give hundreds of Heridium per rock. It can also be bought at any space station from the trade terminal and merchants. They usually sell 20-50 Heridium (you need 50 for crafting Antimatter).


Upgrading Hyperdrive (FTL Warp Drive):

The Hyperdrive allows you to jump from one solar system to the next. The following two strategies are the best ways to upgrade it. While exploring planets, you will notice smoking drop pods (Damaged Machinery). They usually contain upgrades for your ship. If you are lucky, you can get an upgrade for the Hyperdrive. Fly close to the surface and watch out for black smoke and blue blinking machinery on the ground. Also, talk to the alien at every space station you visit. The weirder the conversation and the higher your standing with a faction, the better the possible reward. For example, on the right wing of a space station you could meet an alien from the Korvax Race. During the multiple choice dialogue, you can select whether to let him extract some of your brain cells or not (for his research). If you agree, which temporarily depletes your shield, you will be rewarded with the “Warp Reactor V1” upgrade. When you have dialogues with really weird (or life threatening) options, it is recommended to agree to the most risky requests since these options give the best rewards. Unfortunately, there is no 100% full proof method to get the upgrade right away. It will take some time and comes down to luck. Try to give the correct answer in all alien dialogues. This will increase your standing with them and lead to better rewards.


Getting Atlas Stones:

Atlas Stones are a very valuable item. You can find them at Atlas Interfaces (formerly Atlas Stations). Talk to the large orb inside the station to get one Atlas Stone. You can get one Atlas Stone at every Atlas Interface you visit. They are worth 70k units after patch 1.03 (before the patch they were worth 270k). Other than selling them for money, they have no use in the game. A nice benefit of Atlas Interfaces is that they also give you two Warp Cells, teach you new alien words, and give you Exosuit blueprints.


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