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No Man’s Sky Crafting System Revealed

26 July 2016, Tuesday, 12:29:16


No Man’s Sky is nearing its full release and as such some small details are being leaked through regarding some of the features that we know very little about such as No Man’s Sky crafting system.

The crafting system in No Man’s Sky seems very simple in the way that Sean Murray of Hello Games detailed it. Basically crafting consists of you finding the raw elements on the many planets which are represented in the form of atomic elements. When you mine enough of these elements you can then craft them into an object which can be used or sold.


There are also some crafting recipes which can be discovered and when used can cause some craftable elements to be sold for more money than usual. Trading posts exist on some worlds and in these places you can sell the items that you have crafted.

As No Man’s Sky edges ever closer to its eventual release more details are emerging that are revealing that the much anticipated game will have a lot more to do in it than people may realise.

Known Elements

Ioxinite [Ix]

A hard heavy metal that is red-silver in colour, tough and durable, it is found in a whide range of technological assemblies that need to survive in harsh conditions.


Raegon-214 [Rg]

Standard High-yield fuel for small to medium spacefaring ION engines, raegon sublimates violently with little provocation and should be handled with caution.


Heridium? [Hr]



????? [Cb]



Carbon [C]


Silicon [Si]

Silicons function its been said to be used as energy for your suits shield


????? [Vy]


Vy Teal? and Vy Brown?


????? [Ac]



????? [Ko]



????? [Ag]





Yes I double checked this one, that is a C not a G

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