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No Man’s Sky – For Returning Players Looking for Their Bases from Old Saves

27 July 2018, Friday, 10:13:57

For Returning Players Looking for Their Bases from Old Saves

You CAN get your base back. However, you need to find a NON-PLAYER-CRAFTED base computer. These are difficult to find now. But they do exist. Once you find one – preferably on a planet you like – you can summon your old base. Again, this must be a base computer “in the wild,” NOT one that you craft/deploy yourself.


Also note that the Experimental Branch (opt in by right clicking on No Man’s Sky in your Steam library > Properties > Betas > Drop down menu > Select the experimental branch opt-in, and enter the code “3xperimental” without quotes) has now incorporated a tutorial for getting your existing base back. They will likely soon incorporate this into the main public branch as well. Unfortunately, this tutorial merely tells you what you already know… that you need to find a base computer.


Here’s what you need to try to search for non-crafted base computers “in the wild.”


All you need is a beacon, one navigation data, and your portable signal scanner.


  • -Land somewhere.


  • -Deploy your scanner.


  • -Jump in and out of the cockpit to make an autosave. We recommend having a recent manual save from before you jump so that you can recycle the warp fuel.


  • -Activate the scanner, feed it the navigation data, select habitable base.


  • -If it reads shelter or settlement, look at it. If it says habitable base, you’re golden.



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