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No Man’s Sky – How to Get a Freighter and Space Armada

30 July 2018, Monday, 13:13:35

How to Get a Freighter and Space Armada

One of the most exciting things about No Man’s Sky is the potential for creating your own space army in the form of a freighter and accompanying frigates. These enormous vessels can be sent off into the depths of the space to carry out missions for you and earn you rewards with very little effort on your part.


If you thought spaceships were expensive to buy, then it’s no surprise that freighters are real piggybank destroyers. Even a basic one will set you back several million units. You can, however, acquire your first one for free.



Free freighters

Once you’ve upgraded your ship with a warp drive, you’ll find the ability to warp to another galaxy. Doing this a few times you’ll find yourself in a new region of space and you might find a nearby freighter under attack. Destroy the attack ships and the freighter commander will ask you to come aboard.


Dock in the same way you would a space station, then visit the command deck to talk to the captain. If you’re lucky, he’ll be so grateful for the help that he’ll offer to give you his ship for free and so begins your path to a spaceship armada.



How to earn money with freighters

Once you’ve talked to a commander and acquired his ship, you can then talk to his crew and unlock the ability to build a freighter command centre.


This command centre is a simple room that allows you to control freighters and send them on missions. You’ll first need to gather the relevant materials – these can be collected by shooting up local asteroids. Once installed you can then send your freighters on various missions.


Once initiated they’ll be off earning you money for a while. You need to be sure they’ll survive any threats they might come across. Missions have a certain difficulty level and your fleet will have a rating based on how many ships you’re sending and the stats of those ships. Make sure your rating is equal to or higher than the difficulty level or you might find your freighters failing and coming back broken and in need of costly repairs.



Accompanying frigates

Freighters are more likely to succeed if they’re accompanied by frigates. Frigates are support ships you can hire to work alongside your freighter and become part of your growing armada. They cost a lot of units, but bigger and better frigates will ensure mission success.


Frigates also have their own specific stats and so its worth playing around with different combinations to get the best results from your deep space missions.



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