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No Man’s Sky NEXT Cheats

28 July 2018, Saturday, 8:23:05


No Man’s Sky Refiner Bug Exploit

This bug lets you endlessly create resources by exploiting a problem with the Portable Refiner. Here’s what you need to do:



Step 1

Craft two portable refiners (found on the portable equipment tab on the build menu) and place the first one wherever you want on any planet (but not on a freighter).



Step 2

Set nearly any item in the game that you’d like to freely duplicate into the refiner’s input.


Some players have reported they have to actually start the refiner process to get the bug working with step three, but it appears it is simply the act of placing the item in the input that starts the duplication process for most players.



Step 3

Whether you started the refiner going or just placed an item in the input, quickly place a second portable refiner near the first one. The proximity is the key here, as they need to be close together to trigger the duplication.


Open the maintenance menu on the second refiner to discover it suddenly has duplicated whatever object you put in the first refiner. If you started the first refiner going, you may discover the duplicate is in the output instead of the input.



Step 4

Remove the duplicated resource from the input of the second refiner, then pick up that refiner. Remove the item from the first refiner as well. Now, endlessly repeat the process of placing items in the first input, setting down the second refiner, and grabbing your free duplicated resources.


The upper limit of this process isn’t known, but it reportedly works with three refiners as well for three times the resources if they are placed in close enough proximity.


The potential applications here are endless, from duplicating and selling those expensive technology modules to creating an endless supply of liquid explosive or any other item you need.


The No Man’s Sky refiner duplication bug is virtually guaranteed to get patched out at some point, as it can obviously be exploited in game-breaking ways.



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