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No Man’s Sky Next Controls

30 July 2018, Monday, 8:11:46


At any time, you may pause the game and go to Options > Controls to see a list of the game’s interface and keybindings.



No Man’s Sky On-Foot Controls 

Jump – X/A/Space

Reload – Square/X,R

Switch Weapon Mode – Triangle/Y/B

Melee Attack – R1/RB

Fire – R2/RT/Left-Click

Secondary Fire – L1/LB/Right-Click

Zoom – L2/LT

Build Menu – Up (d-pad)

Show HUD – Left (d-pad)

Quick Menu – Down (d-pad)

Scan – L3/LS

Move – Left Analog/WASD

Run – R3/RS/ Shift

Look – Right Analog/Mouse

Inventories – Touch Pad/Select/I




No Man’s Sky Flight Controls 

Fire – X/A/Space

Exit Ship – Square/X/R

Switch Weapon Mode – Triangle/Y/B

Boost – Circle/B/CTRL

Thrust – R2/RT/Left Click

Roll Right – R1/RB

Brake – L2/LT/Right-Click

Turn – Left Analog/WASD

Scan – L3/LS

Look – Right Analog/Mouse

Show HUD – Left (d-pad)

Quick Menu – Down(d-pad)



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