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No Man’s Sky Next – Escaping Hostile Sentinels

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Escaping Hostile Sentinels

If you arouse the wrath of the sentinels, you will receive what is essentially a “wanted level.” The higher it goes, the worse things are going to get for you. To lower your wanted level, you need to stay out of sentinels’ line of sight, while also being more than a minimum distance away from them. Once you do this, a timer will start. If it runs out fully, you’re in the clear. If they get too close to you or see you however, the timer will pause.


Common strategies include digging deep enough holes with the terrain manipulator that you are both hidden and out of range, hiding inside structures (if your wanted level is low enough,) fleeing the star system entirely, or hiding deep within natural caves. Good luck. Sentinels can also be valuable sources of materials when destroyed, once you’re advanced enough to survive their onslaught.


If you reach wanted level 4 or higher, nothing will stop them until you go into space and confront their capital ships. (Yes. They have capital ships. Be afraid.) Once you receive the warning and engage them, you can then flee back to the planet, and try to use the usual above techniques to evade them. If you don’t trigger the capital ships encounter by engaging them and receiving the warning (while in space,) the timer will sometimes not stop, and they’ll keep coming forever.


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