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No Man’s Sky Next – How Do I Get the Portable Refiner?

28 July 2018, Saturday, 20:34:02

How Do I Get the Portable Refiner?

If you’ve started a new game, getting the Refiner in No Man’s Sky NEXT can be found before you leave your first planet, specifically when you’re tasked with repairing your starship’s launch thrusters.


To complete this mission and get off-world, you’ll need to produce Pure Ferrite. To do that, you’ll need the Portable Refiner, which you’ll be prompted to build as part of the mission.


First, you’ll need to collect 50x Ferrite to construct a Metal Plate. After that, press Up on the D-pad for PS4 and Xbox One, or press “Z” on PC, to open your build menu. Select the Refiner and place it anywhere (you’ll be able to pick it up after placing it, so the location doesn’t matter).


To deploy the Refiner from your inventory, press “X” on PS4, “A” on XB1, or “E” on PC.



If Loading an Old Save File… 

If you’re loading an old save, getting the Refiner can be a bit of a pain. While it should automatically be in your inventory, some players have found that the Refiner won’t show up in any of the game’s menus — or if it does, they can’t place it.


As of right now, there’s no official fix for the glitch. Some players have said restarting their console works, but the results are currently mixed.



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