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No Man’s Sky – Repairing the Pulse Engine

27 July 2018, Friday, 10:06:59

Repairing the Pulse Engine

Your ship is critically damaged. You need to repair its components. First, the pulse engine. As before, follow the prompts and in-game information. You need more ferrite to create metal plating. Get out and mine some more rocks. Once you have enough, go into your inventory, select an empty space in it, and choose the displayed button/key for Craft Product. Select the metal plating from the list of buildable components. Boom. Now you know how to build parts for everything in the game, effectively. It follows this same basic mechanic.



Go to the ship inventory tab of your inventory, and mouse/cursor over the pulse engine. Hit the displayed “repair” button/key, and select the component that requires metal plating to repair. That’s one more thing done. There’s still another component of the pulse engine that needs repairing, however.



Next up, the game will instruct you to seek out a hermetic seal. Leave that on hold for the moment, and instead select the other mission objective. The game will prompt you to investigate the crash area. (Immediate area around your ship.) When you do, you’ll find a beacon you can interact with. Do so. I won’t spoil the text, but get through it all. And choose broadcast. You will receive some navigation data, and instructions to build a signal booster, and learn that you need yet more metal plating to do so.



Get back to mining rocks again until you have enough ferrite to create metal plating, and do so. Then it will tell you you need carbon. Use your scanner, and your eyes, and seek out plants, or anything else that is suggestive of carbon. As a general rule, plants are good sources of carbon.



Note: Carbon is also a means of recharging your mining laser, which needless to say, is essential to your ability to survive efficiently. Keep carbon and sodium on hand at all times as a basic survival rule. Oxygen as well.

Once you have sufficient carbon, you will be instructed to create a carbon nanotube. Do so the same way you did the metal plating, in a free inventory slot. The game will then tell you to create the signal booster. To do this, outside your ship, press up on the d-pad, or the requisite keybinding (check Options > Controls for details if uncertain,) which is how you access the Build interface in the game in general. The first option is the signal booster. Place it wherever you wish outside. Then approach the signal booster and interact with it.



Choose to input the navigation data. Then select the only available option to you.You will now have a new HUD point of interest.



Note: There are a few things you need to do before departing for it:


    • Approach your signal booster, and press the specified button/key to take it with you. Don’t forget it. 


    • While you’re at it, if you haven’t yet created your visor, look and see if you have enough carbon nanotubes to add a visor to your multitool. If you don’t, collect some more carbon and/or create more carbon nanotubes, and then add it to your multitool. As discussed earlier, the visor allows you – critically – to see your ship’s location even once you’re out of range, and less critically but still importantly, to scan animals, rocks, plants, etc. Even sentinels. You can learn a lot about your environment this way if you read the scan results … plus you get paid for it. This is the time to build it if you haven’t already, even on a dangerous starting world, as now you can save, and spend some time… 



    • Farming essentials before your journey toward that point of interest. It’ll be a little while before you return to your ship, and you’ll be out of range… so you’ll want the visor to find your way back, and plenty of sodium and carbon. If you find any oxygen (look for oxygen rich plants revealed in scans) grab that too. Also check your inventory Craft Product option, to see if you can craft any life support gel yet. You may have the materials now to do it. Check around the crash site for containers as well. Do it now if you haven’t. 



  • Save your game by hopping in and out of your ship before heading out. 



Ready to trek forth? Okay. Now make your way to the point of interest in the distance. You may have noticed that your “find hermetic seal” quest has been merged with the directive to seek out this location…



The journey is somewhat long, potentially. So keep an eye on your hazard protection and life support. Replenish as needed. Scan animals to see how much threat they may pose. Avoid dangerous predators.



You’ll eventually reach a structure, or several. Explore them. Head inside and interact with everything you can. You’ll eventually receive the hermetic seal. Woo! That was a fun trip, eh? Now you need to get back to your ship.



Oh, scrud. Where is it? This is why we built the visor before leaving. Point it in the general direction of your ship, and you’ll see its HUD icon. Get going back to the ship, mining anything useful along the way as always. When you return, hop in and out to save again. Time to repair that pulse engine!



Go into the ship inventory as before, select repair on the pulse engine, and use the hermetic seal to repair the second un-repaired part. You now have a functioning pulse engine.



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