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Noita – Tablets and Orbs Locations

Tablets and Orbs Locations

Just a heads up, the orbs respawn even if you collected them on previous runs – they just contain health upgrades (+25 max HP) instead of their respective spells. If you can get to them easily, do it!


Emerald Tablet – Volume I is found encased in the ice above the mountain entrance. You can hear it and barely reach it with base levitation. You can cut it out with spells to make it fall. Above the Orb and Tablet is a pedestal, similar to those found in temples, glowing with green light – maybe it’s the place for all Tablets?


Emerald Tablet – Volume V is in the temple on the far left side of Ice Caves.


Emerald Tablet – Volume VII is found with an Orb in an Orb Room. To find it, you must pass by a lava lake (using a water-based spell or pouring potions on it), jump into a pit right next to it, and climb a wall made of Extremely Dense Stone. The pit can also be used to skip levels. Picking up the Orb unlocks a Thunderstorm spell!


Emerald Tablet of Thoth is found at the top of the pyramid beyond the desert. The Orb gives you an Earthquake spell.


Tabula {NAME} is found next to the previously mentioned lava lake.


Secretorum Hermetis – is hidden in an underground lake, below a tree.


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