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NosTale PC Controls

19 September 2017, Tuesday, 2:42:52


PC Controls

Character Controls
[Space] – Select next monster and attack using your primary attack
[Z] – Select next monster and attack using your secondary attack
[F6] – Select next player
[F7] – Select next NPC
[F8] – Select next monster
[C] – Character sits down and takes a rest or stands up again
[X]/[;] – Pick up items that are lying on the ground
[Tab] – Switch between the 1st and 2nd skill bars
[1-0], [Q],[W],[E], [R],[T] – Use items or skills that are located in the skill bar
[Arrow keys] – Turn your character

[P] – Open character information
[K] – Open skill info
[I] – Open inventory
[O]/[U] – Show quest information
[L] – Show Miniland information
[N] – Open messenger/friends list
[M] – Show world map
[F12] – Open game guide/help
[V] – Shows or hides player, NPC, monster and item names
[Ctrl]+[Z] – Hides the entire interface (for screenshots)
[Print Screen] – This button allows you to take a screenshot, which can then be found in the NosTale folder under GameCapture (normally: C:ProgrammesNosTaleGameCapture)
[Esc] – Closes the current window
[Enter] – Confirms requests (e.g. exchange requests), opens chat

NosMate Controls
[F1] – Control the character without NosMate
[F2] – Only control the partner (or just the pet, where no partner is present)
[F3] – Only control the pet (when partner is present)
[F4] – Control character including NosMate
[F5] – Control character including all NosMates (only possible in Miniland and Time-Spaces)
[Ctrl] + [Left-click] – Control a specific monster
[A] – Send your NosMate to a specific location, any monsters en route to the location will be attacked.
[F] – Send your NosMate to a specific location, any monsters en route to the location will not be attacked.
[S] – NosMates stop their activities.
[D] – NosMates attack the same target as the character


[Alt]+[Enter] – Switch between full screen and window mode
[Alt]+[1] – Set resolution to 1024 x 768
[Alt]+[2] – Set resolution to 1280 x 1024
[Alt]+[3] – Set resolution to match the screen
[Alt]+[F4] – Close the game


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