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Objects in Space – Crassus Harbour

1 July 2018, Sunday, 18:23:45

Crassus Harbour

Having arrived at Crassus Harbour, you will want to complete your first contract. Head to the trading screens to sell the Hydrogen in your cargo bay. On the way you will have passed an NPC waiting in one of the bars. Stop and have a chat.


This is Scud Delavinci, and as shady as his deal seems, it is dead simple and very safe. Importantly, he doesn’t actually need you to haul any cargo, so you won’t be in any trouble with the law. Make a note of the bonus he is offering, it’s usually around 400c on top of the base of 1200c.


Now, sell your current cargo at the trading screen and get your contract completion bonus. Next, go to the Commerce Link screens and check out both the Contracts and Passengers list. Now, this is somewhat random, but if you can find any contracts and passengers headed to Port Crawford, pick them up. You can pick up a license for Nikon Distillers, who are likely to offer contracts shipping spirits around. But there are no guarantees. If all else fails, at least purchase some spirits from the trading terminal.


Pre-flight Checklist:

  • -Sold Hydrogen, completing Lago Contract for Leon Space Enterprises
  • -Agreed to head to Port Crawford for Scud Delavinci
  • -Picked up passengers, contracts, and cargo headed to Port Crawford
  • -Requested Permission to undock
  • -IFF on


Now, this trip will require you to first plot a course to the Leo-Tega Jumpgate, where you will need to pay a small fee in order to jump to the Tega system. From there, you can plot a course to Port Crawford.



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