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Objects in Space – Getting the Sterling Industrial License

1 July 2018, Sunday, 18:31:37

Getting the Sterling Industrial License

Upon landing at Crassus Harbour, Asterin will thank you for your service. Head to the cargo bay to sell off your goods from Port Crawford. Be wary – if you picked up a contract for goods to go to Prefect Outpost, you don’t want to sell those here! But you do want to check to see if there are any contracts or passengers headed to Prefect Outpost where we need to meet Scud and get our payment. Infinity Biotech may be offering medicine runs, which will require temperature controlled cargo pods, but with the money you just made you should be able to afford this investment.


This should just be a short stop, but now that you are starting to get a bit of a bank happening, it’s worth checking out what modules are for sale for your ship. For more infor on what you’re looking for, check the Ship Modules section. Otherwise, onward! Pre-flight Checklist


  • -Asterin Allas dropped off at Crassus Harbour
  • -Cargo/Contracts for Crassus Harbour sold
  • -Cargo/Contracts/Passengers for Prefect Outpost picked up
  • -Checked Modules for sale
  • -Requested undocking
  • -IFF On


About halfway to Prefect Outpost, you want to respond to Aya Grant’s email regarding the Sterling Industrial contract. Say you’ll take the cargo and you’re on your way to Penitent Commercial. The reason for this is if we leave Aya waiting too long, she will tell us not to bother. But if we don’t get there pretty swiftly after accepting her offer, she will void the contract and blacklist us. Aya is our next client as soon as we’ve finished with Scud.


Upon landing at Prefect Outpost, head to Bar Conquest, where you will find Scud. Give him the bad news, then head to the cargo terminals to turn in any contracts or cargo you have. Since we’re headed to Penitent Commercial, once again, check for any contracts or passengers we can take along. Pre-flight Checklist:


  • -Cargo/Contracts/Passengers for Prefect Outpost sold
  • -Cargo/Contracts/Passengers for Penitent Commercial picked up
  • -Checked Modules for sale
  • -Requested undocking
  • -IFF On


Prefect Outpost is another short stop. Drop off any cargo/contracts/passengers, and be sure to take on the contract to deliver electronics to Sterling Industrial. This is the job you agreed to via the email, and it’ll take us back to Tega, where we can collect more goodies to sell back in Leo.


Pre-flight Checklist:

  • Cargo/Contracts/Passengers for Penitent Commercial sold
  • Electronics Contract & Cargo for Sterling Industrial picked up
  • Cargo/Contracts/Passengers for Sterling Industrial picked up
  • Checked Modules for sale
  • Requested undocking
  • IFF On


Plot a course to the Leo-Tega Gateway, pay the fee and jump. Then plot a course to Sterling Industrial Outpost. Upon landing, sell the cargo and your contract will be complete, with a nice 80-0c bonus. But what’s really nice is when you check out commodities stations and see once again that there are loads of cargo selling at below market rate. It is also likely you can arrange multiple contracts for cargo from here, so we can once again load up and make a killing.



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