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Objects in Space – Lago Gas Port

1 July 2018, Sunday, 18:20:35

Lago Gas Port

Lago Gas Port is where your adventure begins. Follow Leslie’s instructions and get yourself a ship (You will see you can only afford a Ceres Mk III, with around 2,500 credits to spare) and return to Leslie. Next, we need to get our first contract, and there are 3 on offer:


  • -Oxygen to Prefect Outpost
  • -Hydrogen to Crassus Harbour
  • -Helium to FIL Station


These 3 are always the same, but immediately afterwards, contracts are a bit more randomised. The Contracts available are always based on the licenses you have. Leslie gives you a license for United Leon Space Enterprises, which is why they are the client for all three contracts available. Contracts for them are plentiful in the Leo sector.
For this walkthrough, we are going to take the Crassus Harbour contract. Click on the contract, then confirm to take it. Right click to exit this terminal, then left click on the commerce terminal. You will see the oxygen available. Click to take it on board, then return to Leslie.


Now with your cargo on board, there is nothing left to do but go. None of the commodities at Lago Gas Port actually sell well anywhere else in Leo. Pre-flight Checklist:


  • -Contract to take Hydrogen to Crassus Harbour
  • -Hydrogen cargo loaded
  • -Permission to undock requested
  • -IFF set to ON


Once you are undocked, use your sensor suite to pick out Crassus Harbour station, move to the Nav Computer, Plot a course and Engage. Now you just need to wait for your ship to make the journey. Feel free move to the Comms room and read your mail. You can send a response to Leslie’s email. You can also catch up on local news. If you’re in a hurry, use time compression. It will set back to 1x when you dock.



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