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Objects in Space – Port Crawford

1 July 2018, Sunday, 18:27:00

Port Crawford

First up, you want to head straight past any NPCs and get to the trading terminals to sell your cargo, handing in any contracts you had. Next up, get to the Cornerstone Bar and Grill to meet the NPC there. Her name is Sam Cowart. Be discreet when introducing yourself and the purpose of your visit. She will confirm that she is the buyer, and ask what Scud’s price is. Say 25, and insist upon it when she counters with 15. Now, you should have an option to suggest either 20, or offer to get Scud to take 15 in exchange for a bonus. Remember, Scud offered us about 400 credits if we could get higher than 15. Sam’s initial offer will be higher than this, but you can push her to 650 total, which brings this run to 1850c before factoring in any extra you made hauling cargo or passengers.


But we’re not getting paid until we get back. Before we go, there are a few things to take care of. Head to the commerce link and see if there are any nice contracts headed back to Crassus Harbour, or Prefect Outpost. If you’re in luck, you’ll see electronics or computers headed that way. If not, we can still make a bit of money on the return trip. Electronics, Computers, Machinery and Industrial are all sold below market value here, and will sell well back in Leo. Explosives and Medical Supplies will, too, but you will only want to pick these up if there are close to 10 of them, otherwise it won’t be worth the cost of getting radiation shielding on your cargo pod. That 250c investment is nice to have, but it’s only necessary if you’re going to make a profit from it.


In case you’re wondering how we’ll haul all this back, head over to the Mechanixx terminal and select “Pods”. This is where you can purchase extra cargo space and upgrades for your holds. Each cargo pod costs 100c, and holds 20 units of one good type at a time. Each upgrade costs 250c, and different cargo types need different upgrades. For now, just buy as many pods as you need to haul the cargo you have waiting at the trading terminal. Prioritise contract cargo first, then the cargo that doesn’t need any special slots. If you are going to take any of the cargo that needs radiation shielding, it’s best to upgrade pod 6 and use that.


One more thing before we are on our way again. We passed an NPC in the airlock of Port Crawford. Asterin Allas. Asterin wants to head to Leo, handy that! Just don’t poke fun at Asterin’s dreams and he will give you close to 1000c for the journey.


Pre-flight Checklist:

  • -Sold cargo/contracts from Crassus Harbour
  • -Negotiated sand deal with Sam Cowart
  • -Picked up contracts and cargo for Crassus Harbour OR Prefect Outpost
  • -Bought additional Cargo Space
  • -Bought Electronics, Computers, Machinery, Industrial Cargo
  • -Picked up NPC Passenger Asterin Allas
  • -Requested undocking permission
  • -IFF On


Now it’s back the way we came! Head to the Tega-Leo Jumpgate, pay the toll, and then back to Crassus Harbour. You will receive a call from Asterin Allas mid-flight. Handle the conversation any way you wish.



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