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Octogeddon – Bosses

1 July 2018, Sunday, 17:01:28


Big Boss Bass

Toughness: 60

Normal: Big Boss Bass is a very simple boss. He orbits you, and sometimes shoots spawn at you.

Hard: Much more dangerous, can shoot whole waves of spawn. A chicken greatly helps. Very nasty as a DC enemy.



The Butcher

Toughness: 90

Normal: Another simple boss. Hit him when the mallet is up, and run when its about to drop.

Hard: Starts out with more butcher knife projectiles, and eventually starts spawning armored planes.




Toughness: 4 per segment

Normal: One of the nastiest bosses, Megapede gets faster as you destroy it, cumulating with a lightning fast final segment that is very hard to hit.

Hard: No real noticable changes thankfully.




Toughness: 250

Normal: Agile and unpredictable, his boomarangs can be hard to dodge. Don’t let his Joe-E minions catch you off guard! Be sure to stand back.

Hard: Starts throwing the boomarang immediately, has airplane support, and spawns Joe-E much faster.



Big Boss Shooter Bass

Toughness: 180

Normal: Do you have a turtle/are decent at dodging? Then this boss is easy. Can be nasty as a DC enemy.

Hard: Not much harder. Gets extra submarine support, but otherwise a cakewalk.



Stomp-A-Tron X

Toughness: 300

Normal: Get under him to hit him, get out when he is about to shoot his eye blast. Missiles and planes distract, but are not too dangerous.

Hard: Starts with missiles right away, and they are amped up to 11. They almost never let up, and when he gets low, Mega Planes start showing up. Very hard to get under when dodging so many missiles.




Toughness: 300

Normal: Shoots bullets, shoots stealthed spawn, not too dangerous until the final phase. When the chainsaws come out, hit him with everything you have to push him back.

Hard: Gets submarine support, otherwise the same.




Toughness: 225

Normal: Shoot it in the face! Does nothing at first, then spawns stealthed planes and shoots stun walls. When the bagette comes out, run!

Hard: Summons stealthed armored planes too, and uses the bagette much more frequently.



Giant Pillbug

Toughness: 300

Normal: Pretty tame for the DC ocean. Kill his minions, dodge the jellyfish and shots, and you’re good.

Hard: Spawns subs when he is curled, but honestly a nice break after the frantic DC ocean.



Mech Force One

Toughness: 1,000

Normal: Starts out with three attacks. The nuclear balls are by far the most dangerous, so stay up against the mech to not have to worry about them. Dodge the bell when needed, but stay as close as possible! When the white house detaches, finish off the mech so it stops attacking, then just dodge grenades to victory.

Hard: Super scary with the lower health, he starts spawning planes early, and eventually summons mega planes. Otherwise, the same stratagy of keeping close works well.



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