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8 June 2019, Saturday, 4:31:51


Unlockable Secret Ending

Octopath Traveler has a secret ending after completing the Ruins of Hornburg. You must first complete these two quests: “Daughter of the Dark God” by going to Ravis Manor where you start it by challenging a guard to a duel, then there’s “In Search of the Father” which is started by talking to Kid outside of city where YOU started your game at. Next go to the west Swarky Trail and talk to Emperor Swaria to unlock the Ruins of Hornburg. Finish it to get the secret ending, good luck!




Steam Achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.



Novice Scrapper

Fought 10 battles.



Ultimate Power

Used a Lv.4 Boost for the first time in battle.



Better Safe Than Sorry

Fled from battle.




Stole something for the first time.



Start Something

Provoked a fight for the first time.



In the Know

Scrutinized someone for the first time.



Lead the Way

Guided someone for the first time.



A New Challenger

Challenged someone for the first time.



Bargain Hunter

Purchased something for the first time.



Setting Out – Freedom

Therion sets out to obtain the three dragonstones in a bargain that would see the fool’s bangle marking him a criminal removed.




Allured someone for the first time.



Setting Out – For Master

H’aanit and her trusty snow leopard companion Linde begin their hunt for Master Z’aanta, who has gone missing.



Setting Out – The Search for Truth


Driven from the academy, Cyrus sets out to unravel the mystery of From the Far Reaches of Hell, a tome missing for fifteen years.



Setting Out – Renewed Purpose

The denizens of Cobbleston come out to give their hero Olberic a proper sendoff. The battle with the brigands behind him, Olberic sets out with a renewed sense of purpose.



Setting Out – The Kindling

The ember from the Cave of Origin in hand, Ophilia embarks on the first leg of the Kindling as the Flamebearer.



Setting Out – Revenge

Primrose, finally in possession of the lead she needed, takes off in pursuit of the three men bearing the mark of the crow—the men against whom she swore revenge.



Setting Out – In Search of Treasure

Tressa dreams of becoming a renowned merchant. With the mysterious notebook she received from Captain Leon in hand, she sets out on her journey to see all the treasures the world holds.



Tell Me More

Inquired about something for the first time.



Setting Out – Healing

With the encouragement of his dear friend Zeph, Alfyn embarks on a journey to heal Orsterra’s sick and wounded.




Fought 100 battles.




Played more than 10 hours.



Brand’s Wisdom

Obtained warrior as a secondary job.




Obtained 80,000 leaves.



Alephan’s Enlightenment

Mastered scholar as a secondary job.



Brand’s Thunder

Mastered warrior as a secondary job.



Sealticge’s Seduction

Mastered dancer as a secondary job.



Draefendi’s Rage

Mastered hunter as a secondary job.



Aelfric’s Auspices

Mastered cleric as a secondary job.



Aeber’s Reckoning

Mastered thief as a secondary job.



Bifelgan’s Bounty

Mastered merchant as a secondary job.



Draefendi’s Wisdom

Obtained hunter as a secondary job.



Alephan’s Wisdom

Obtained scholar as a secondary job.



Dohter’s Charity

Mastered apothecary as a secondary job.



Sealticge’s Wisdom

Obtained dancer as a secondary job.



Aelfric’s Wisdom

Obtained cleric as a secondary job.



Bifelgan’s Wisdom

Obtained merchant as a secondary job.



Dohter’s Wisdom

Obtained apothecary as a secondary job.



Aeber’s Wisdom

Obtained thief as a secondary job.




Fought 200 battles.



Gentle Guidance

Rite completed, Ophilia helps three quarreling children mend their friendship before setting out for her next destination.



Traces of the Tome

After Cyrus solves the mystery of the missing townspeople, he and Odette ascertain where a copy of the tome was reproduced.



The Merchants’ Fair

Tressa rescues her rival, Ali, and drives Morlock from the town. Before resuming her journey, Tressa promises Ali they will one day meet again at the Merchants’ Fair.



Chasing the Dragonstones

Therion vanquishes Orlick to claim the ruby dragonstone before following the trail of the emerald dragonstone to a desert town.



Faith Shall Be Your Shield

Primrose crosses Rufus, the Left-hand Man, off her list and takes the next step in her journey to learn the truth about her father’s death.




Finished your journey with lightning speed.



The Strongest Sojourner

Dealt maximum damage.



Master of Orsterra

Traveled to every location on the map.




Obtained 1,000,000 leaves.



Dreisang’s Wisdom

Obtained sorcerer as a secondary job.



Dragon Hunting

H’aanit fells a dragon and obtains the herb that should ward off Redeye’s curse. Brew in hand, H’aanit makes haste for the desert where Redeye was last seen.



Chasing Master’s Footprints

H’aanit finds Z’aanta turned to stone by the beast known as Redeye. Following the instructions in Z’aanta’s letter, she travels to see Susanna the Seeress.



The Quack

Alfyn exposes Vanessa’s plot to sicken the residents of Goldshore so she may treat them at a premium, and saves a young girl who fell ill by Vanessa’s hand. His journey now takes him to Saintsbridge, the largest city in the Riverlands.



A Vow Fulfilled

Her revenge complete, Primrose sets out anew, vowing to continue dancing.



A Familiar Place

With Albus, the Right-hand Man, vanquished, Primrose learns the truth: Simeon, her childhood friend, is responsible for her father’s murder.



To Protect Those in Need

With Werner defeated, Olberic continues his journey, vowing to protect those in need.



The Twin Blades of Hornburg

The brief reunion of the twin blades of Hornburg comes to an end as Olberic takes his leave of the desert town in search of his true adversary: the tyrant Werner.



Reasons for Wielding

Olberic emerges victorious from the tournament and ventures into the desert in pursuit of Erhardt.




Therion finds the emerald dragonstone at last, only to have it stolen by none other than Darius, his former partner in crime.



The Next Chapter

Content in the knowledge that her journey itself was her treasure all along, Tressa entrusts the next chapter of the journal to Noa and presses on, determined to become a famed merchant.



The Most Precious Treasure

After reuniting with Leon and hearing him tell of his friend Baltazar, Tressa wonders just what she treasures most. With those thoughts in mind, she makes for Grandport and the Merchants’ Fair.



For the Future’s Sake

After defeating Lucia in the ancient ruins, Cyrus succeeds in deciphering From the Far Reaches of Hell. He continues his research, resolute in his personal mission to see knowledge passed on to future generations.



The Demonic Headmaster

Yvon defeated, Cyrus chases after the mastermind behind the plot: Lucia, the headmaster’s secretary.



A Hill to Remember

The Savior defeated and Lianna saved, Ophilia continues offering guidance to the people of the realm. May the Sacred Flame light your path.



A Wanderer’s Life

Therion wrests control of the emerald and gold dragonstones from Darius. His freedom restored, Therion resumes traveling wherever the wind takes him.



The Savior

Ophilia rescues the child kidnapped by the Savior’s followers and performs the rite, but she is later betrayed by Lianna. Ophilia must hurry to Wispermill in the Flatlands in pursuit of her sister and the stolen ember.



Seasoned Traveler

Played more than 50 hours.



Life’s Worth

Alfyn’s faith in his journey is shaken when a man he helped nearly kills a young boy. Ogen’s theory that some lives aren’t worth saving echoes in Alfyn’s head as he makes his way to the Cliftlands.



His Hero’s Words

Alfyn cures Ogen and continues on his journey, carrying on the convictions of Graham, the traveling apothecary who once saved Alfyn’s own life.



Winnehild’s Wisdom

Obtained warmaster as a secondary job.



Steorra’s Wisdom

Obtained starseer as a secondary job.



Balogar’s Wisdom

Obtained runelord as a secondary job.



Balogar’s Blade

Mastered runelord as a secondary job.



Steorra’s Prophecy

Mastered starseer as a secondary job.



Winnehild’s Battle Cry

Mastered warmaster as a secondary job.



Dreisang’s Spell

Mastered sorcerer as a secondary job.



Master and Prentice

H’aanit defeats Redeye and at last reunites with her master. Surely this is the first in a long line of tales yet to be told.




Acquired every item.




Defeated the dark god Galdera and sealed the Gate of Finis once more.



Lone Traveler

Saw your journey through without aid from others.



Renowned Traveler

Played more than 100 hours.




Challenged every villager in Cobbleston.



Worth the Detour

Resolved the troubles of everyone in the realm.




Learned every skill.



Full Support

Learned every support skill.



Treasure Hunter

Opened every treasure chest.




Found every hidden item.




Discovered every enemy’s weaknesses.



A Story All Your Own

Unlocked all achievements.


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