Offensive Combat: Redux! Achievements




Participation award, yay!
Finish 1 game fully


You Look Better Already!
Buy your first avatar part from the store


Weaponsmith Lvl 9000!
Buy your first weapon mod


A better blunt instrument
Buy your first melee weapon


You Really Have Issues if You’re Pwn’ing That Much!
Complete 6 pwns in a single Game


Complete 10 pwns


Yeah, yeah, no deaths, where did you hide?
Survive an entire round without dying once


College of Killology Graduate
Have a Kill/Death ratio of 2 or higher at the end of the round


10 Kills in a row is suspicious, now we are watching you!
Get 10 kills in a single life


Contract Killer
Kill a total of 100 enemies


Wow, you really die a lot!
Die a total of 100 times


With that Many Brains You May be a Zombie
Get a total of 1000 Headshots


I Teabag You I Teabag You!
Complete 100 pwns


Nutcracker Suite
Get a total of 1000 Nutshots


Kill 100 bots


My little Pwny Smells Like Bolawny!
Complete 1000 pwns


Population Control Specialist
Kill a total of 10000 enemies


Hopefully You Have a Positive KDR By Now
Die a total of 1000 times


Nice Six-Pack!
Kill 6 people within the combo timer


Are you even trying to not die?
Die a total of 10000 times


Are We Having Fun Yet?
Play 10 games


So You Probably Know the Maps By Now
Play 100 games


Grizzled Old Veteran
Play 1000 games


Tutorial Master
Play 10 bot matches


Single, Attractive, Loner, LFG
Play 100 bot matches


Everybody’s Punching Bag
Get pwned a total of 100 times


Clone Assassin You Are
Kill 10000 bots


Roger Roger
Kill 1000 bots


Vexillologist (It Means You Collect Flags)
In CTF mode, capture the flag a total of 100 times


Pest Exterminator
Kill a total of 1000 enemies


Get a 100 kills with the chain gun


It’s a Group Thing




Hmmm, What’s this pin thing here do?
Buy your first Grenade


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