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OKAMI HD – Secret Brush Skills

15 December 2017, Friday, 14:31:32


Secret Brush Skills

Fireburst Learned from Chef Yama in the restaurant kitchen in Sei-An City’s Commoner’s Quarter. You’ll have to find the Golden Mushroom first. To obtain it, head to Taka Pass. Find the moles above the Cutter’s house and beat them at their game. Take the tea cup that you get to the shop owner at the entrance of Taka Pass to get the mushroom. Give it to Yama and you’ll be able to learn Fireburst, giving you the ability to summon fire at any time.



Powerslash 2 Obtained by offering 60,000 Yen at the Divine Spring in North Ryoshima Coast. The spring is located on the small, northernmost island. Slash the rock that is on the island to reveal a hole. Powerslash 2 allows you to cut the purplish iron rocks.



Powerslash 3 Obtained by offering 360,000 Yen at the Divine Spring in Ezofuji. The spring is located on a cliff that you jump to from the main left path. Use the map to help locate the cliff. Once you’re on the cliff, use Powerslash 2 to slash the iron rock, revealing a hole. Powerslash 3 allows you to cut the greenish diamond rocks.



Cherry Bomb 2 Obtained by offering 120,000 Yen at the Divine Spring in North Ryoshima Coast. The spring is located on the northern island that appears to have a natural pier. Bomb the cracked ground on the island to reveal a hole. Cherry Bomb 2 allows you to draw 2 bombs at once, IE you draw one, let it appear, and immediately draw another.



Cherry Bomb 3 Obtained by offering 300,000 Yen at the Divine Spring in Kamui. The spring is located to the left of the Guardian Sapling. Use the Konohana Blossom beside the sapling to get up there. Then, use Cherry Bomb 2 to reveal the hole. Cherry Bomb 3 allows you to draw 3 bombs at once, IE you draw one, let it appear, draw another, let it appear, and then draw a third one.



Mist Warp Obtained by trading 80 Demon Fangs with the Emperor in Sei-An City. After you’ve revived the Emperor and cleared the mist, go talk to him in his room and you can buy the Fog Pot for 80 Demon Fangs. It allows to warp between the larger save mirrors that have an X. Just stand in front of a save mirror and draw an X through it. It allows you to reach a couple of, otherwise, unreachable places.



Whirlwind Learned from Chef Umi in the restaurant kitchen in North Ryoshima Coast. First, you’ll have to buy a Marlin Rod from the merchant in Sei-An City or the one in North Ryoshima Coast. Then, head to one of the western islands and talk to the guy on the pier. Help him fish a marlin. Return to the kitchen and you’ll be able to learn Whirlwind from Umi. With it, you can summon a powerful tornado to surround you.



Fountain (whirlpool) Obtained after completing the digging game with the dancer in the Dragon Palace. Complete the reversed dig and you’ll be able to learn the skill from the dancer. Fountain allows you to warp through the Mermaid Springs without having to use a Mermaid Coin.



Thunderbolt Learned from Gen in Sei-An City’s Aristocratic Quarter after Oni Island. To learn it, you first need to head to Shinshu Field and beat Ida (the mailman running around) in a race three times. Once you beat him the third time, he will hand over the Gimmick Gear. Now, go to the Aristocratic Quarter. In the northwest area, there’s a tall tower. Climb it using the Catwalk skill and the cat statues in the back. Inside, give the gear to Gen and you can learn Thunderbolt. It allows you to summon lightning at any time.



Deluge (rain) This skill can be obtained after completing Oni Island. Head behind the Queen’s palace to find a small pool of water. Use Waterspout and draw the water to the four giant stones in the background to learn Deluge. It allows you to summon a rainstorm at will.



Ice Storm This skill is unique in that you don’t have to complete any certain task to be able to use it. It’s available as soon as you get the Blizzard brush skill. To use it, just draw an X with a line going through it (horizontally or vertically). It will summon a rain of ice.



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