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Stray Bead Locations

# – LocationLocation Details

1 Cave of Nagi 1/1 Found north of the bridge in an alcove.

2 Kamiki Village 1/3 On a rafter underneath the chief’s wooden platform.

3 Kamiki Village 2/3 In a buried chest on the NE island.

4 Kamiki Village 3/3 Up the floating flower path by the waterfall.

5 Shinshu Field 1/6 Near the moon shrine temple. If you look back you will see a route to the left and right of the path. Take the path on the left till you get to the trees. You will see three shrubs and the treasure chest with the bead is in the middle of those shrubs.

6 Shinshu Field 2/6 Behind the Dojo in the corner by the rail, dig between the three shrubs to unearth the chest with the bead.

7 Shinshu Field 3/6 On the east side of the river by the guardian tree, in a buried chest.

8 Shinshu Field 4/6 In a buried chest in the NW corner.

9 Shinshu Field 5/6 (Tama) Tama gives it to you when you do a triple Cherry Bomb for him.

10 Shinshu Field 6/6 (Nameless Man) Given to you by Nameless Man once you offer all 5 vases to statues.

11 Hana Valley 1/1 Through the tunnel, after the campfire, on your left next to a tree, in a buried chest.

12 Agata Forest 1/6 In the fortune tellers’s shop.

13 Agata Forest 2/6 Behind the Chief’s hut in a buried chest.

14 Agata Forest 3/6 On the ledge near Tsuta ruins, in a buried chest.

15 Agata Forest 4/6 In the trees on islands – use floating flowers to reach.

16 Agata Forest 5/6 Found on top of the water tree in the north most area.

17 Agata Forest 6/6 Found in one of the burning chests outside fortune teller’s house.

18 Tsuta Ruins 1/3 Once you kill blockhead, go up the trees. When you get to three statues with a gray/black wall behind them, bomb it. The bead is inside the bud.

19 Tsuta Ruins 2/3 After you smash the poison barrels, jump off the waterfall and go into the alcove inside it. Cherry Bomb the wall, and Bloom the bud for the bead.

20 Tsuta Ruins 3/3 In the area with the ball you had to push, there is a floating flower you can Vine to. North from the flower is a bud with the bead

21 Taka Pass 1/6 Hidden in the pond where you fight Waka. Look for bubbles, use power slash

22 Taka Pass 2/6 Behind the cutters house near the pond next to the big rock. Best to see at night.

23 Taka Pass 3/6 Found in a buried chest in the west area.

24 Taka Pass 4/6 Found in a buried chest under a leaf pile near Mermaid Spring.

25 Taka Pass 5/6 Found in a flaming chest in the south east.

26 Taka Pass 6/6 Found under hard dig spot in the west area.

27 Kusa Village 1/3 Near Princess’ house. Go left and stand infront of the bridge going towards the house. It is in between the rock and the tree.

28 Kusa Village 2/3 Buried inside the Bamboo Man’s house.

29 Kusa Village 3/3 In a chest up on the rafters of town.

30 Sasa Sanctuary 1/3 Between the bamboo fountain and dirt at the entrance.

31 Sasa Sanctuary 2/3 In the rear, upper left room there is a doll. Dot the eye to get.

32 Sasa Sanctuary 3/3 In buried chest in an alcove at the back.

33 Gale Shrine 1/3 Cherry Bomb the elevator but don’t get on it, then jump down.

34 Gale Shrine 2/3 In a burning box outside on the second floor balcony.

35 Gale Shrine 3/3 (Princess Fuse) After enough story progression, return to Gale Shrine and go to the north alcove at the beginning. Fight the dogs, and the bead is yours.

36 City Checkpoint 1/5 At the very end of the river going south in a buried box.

37 City Checkpoint 2/5 Found down southern path taken from bridge in a burning box.

38 City Checkpoint 3/5 Found across bridge under restored land.

39 City Checkpoint 4/5 Found all the way down floating flower trail from bridge.

40 City Checkpoint 5/5 In a buried chest, on an island at the north end of the river.

41 Ryoshima Coast 1/5 On top of the sunken ship.

42 Ryoshima Coast 2/5 Get the black and white rabbit north of the “Animal Lover” and bring it back to him.

43 Ryoshima Coast 3/5 Found by digging outside dojo in hard earth.

44 Ryoshima Coast 4/5 Return to “spider cave” to fight a series of consecutive demon gates.

45 Ryoshima Coast 5/5 (Hayate) Beat Hayate for the final time and he gives you this bead.

46 Sei-an(C. Qtr.) 1/5 Found in channel west of entering Sei-an.

47 Sei-an(C. Qtr.) 2/5 Buried inside Mr. Flowers’ house.

48 Sei-an(C. Qtr.) 3/5 (City Dweller) Get from little girl by designing her ideas.

49 Sei-an(C. Qtr.) 4/5 (Abe) Get from Abe for getting his mask back.

50 Sei-an(C. Qtr.) 5/5 (Camellia) First you need to have her move from Kimiki village with her sister (after the festival) and then sprout a tree infront of them in Sei-an. Then sprout a tree followed by rain. Camellia will give you the bead.

51 Sei-an(A. Qtr.) 1/6 After talking to the Priestess, go out the back, across the bridge, and it’s in a buried chest to the right.

52 Sei-an(A. Qtr.) 2/6 (Komuso) Given to you by Komuso for fighting for him each time you’ve met.

53 Sei-an(A. Qtr.) 3/6 In a sunken chest on the east side of the bridge.

54 Sei-an(A. Qtr.) 4/6 Circle around left side of palace entrance.

55 Sei-an(A. Qtr.) 5/6 Behind elevator inside palace.

56 Sei-an(A. Qtr.) 6/6 In a lightning box, in Gen’s tower.

57 Sunken Ship 1/2 Found after first shark fight, past the second golden gate.

58 Sunken Ship 2/2] Found at the end of the ship.

59 Imperial Palace 1/1 Found in a buried chest outside the Emperor’s room.

60 N. Ryoshima Coast 1/7 Found in a buried chest north of area entrance – by water.

61 N. Ryoshima Coast 2/7 Found in a buried chest by the archer.

62 N. Ryoshima Coast 3/7 Found in a buried chest on the west most island in the ocean.

63 N. Ryoshima Coast 4/7 Found under hard dig spot east of archer.

64 N. Ryoshima Coast 5/7 You must use save point teleport to go to the “(Rocky Area)” save point.

65 N. Ryoshima Coast 6/7 Return to “spider cave” on the small west island to fight a series of consecutive demon gates.

66 N. Ryoshima Coast 7/7 Urashima gives it to you when you give him the Treasure Box. The box is found in the Dragon Palace Garden by growing green over where the Dragon’s mouth was.

67 Catcall Tower 1/3 Found in a chest while climbing tower.

68 Catcall Tower 2/3 When you climb the tower a second time a chest appears with this bead.

69 Catcall Tower 3/3 Found on the short towers at the base.

70 Dragon Palace 1/4 Found in a hole, behind cracked wall, behind stairs of palace.

71 Dragon Palace 2/4 Found in the hot spring room, on top of the drums. Use restoration on the broken drum.

72 Dragon Palace 3/4 Found inside a clam in the Dragon Garden.

73 Dragon Palace 4/4 (Otohime) Queen Otohime gives it to you after a certain point.

74 Kamui 1/6 Found in a buried chest in the SE most part of Kamui.

75 Kamui 2/6 Found in a bear cave at the north end of Kamui.

76 Kamui 3/6 Found at the northern tip of Kamui.

77 Kamui 4/6 Found in a buried chest just north of Blockhead cave.

78 Kamui 5/6 Blockhead Grande guards it in a chest, in a cave.

79 Kamui 6/6 Return to “spider cave” to fight a series of consecutive demon gates.

80 Wep’keer 1/4 Found in a buried chest at the storks by the lake.

81 Wep’keer 2/4 Found near a bear in the middle of town.

82 Wep’keer 3/4 Found in a buried chest at the sheep on the west side.

83 Wep’keer 4/4 Found in a buried chest in the snowball making area.

84 Kamui (Ezofuji) 1/4 Found in the east most area.

85 Kamui (Ezofuji) 2/4 Found in a buried chest on the highest north ledge.

86 Kamui (Ezofuji) 3/4 Found in a buried chest in the northern hard dig spot.

87 Kamui (Ezofuji) 4/4 You must use save point teleport to go to the “(Ezofuji Rocky Area)” save point.

88 Yoshpet 1/3 Found along the way while following Kai.

89 Yoshpet 2/3 Found by going “wrong way” at end of third area in Kai race.

90 Yoshpet 3/3 (Kai) Kai gives it to you for beating her in a race.

91 Ponc’tan 1/3 Found up on the west lily pad at entrance.

92 Ponc’tan 2/3 Found on the lily pad in the north west.

93 Ponc’tan 3/3 Talk to Ishaku a second time and he gives it to you. (may need a certain amount of progression)

94 Inner Yoshpet 1/3 Found along the way while following Issun.

95 Inner Yoshpet 2/3 Go the “wrong way” at the end of the second area.

96 Inner Yoshpet 3/3 Found along the right side “cat wall” in the third area.

97 Wawku Shrine 1/3 Found under the cannons at entrance.

98 Wawku Shrine 2/3 Found on a ledge by three fire spiders outs

99 Wawku Shrine 3/3 Found in a ledge by a single fire spider inside.

100 Ark of Yamato 1/1 Reward for completing the game.



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