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OKAMI HD Treasure Locations Guide


Treasure Locations

# – EntryLocation

1 Rabbit Statue In Kamiki Village, slash one of the underwater chests in the creek near the small bridge to get the statue.


2 Rabbit Statue In the Gale Shrine in the room with the large elevator, draw a Cherry Bomb on the elevator but stand clear so that the elevator goes up without you. Jump down to the area below to find the statue.


3 Rat Statue In Shinshu Field, it’s inside a cave in front of Tama’s house. It’s hard to miss as it is necessary to blow up the cracked wall of the cave while learning Cherry Bomb.


4 Tiger Statue It’s located in Taka Pass. After you go through the tunnel near the entrance and come out on the upper level, head forward and look up to find a Konohana Blossom. Use Vine on it and on all the subsequent blossoms. You’ll eventually reach the last one and drop down on a boulder with the statue. Note that you’ll find a small ledge as you’re going through the blossoms. Just continue past it.


5 Dragon Statue In the City Checkpoint, after you get the bridge down, go to the middle of the bridge and use Vine on the Konohana Blossom above you. Continue to use Vine on the blossoms that follow. Drop down after the fifth blossom to land on an island with the statue.


6 Monkey Statue It’s inside the Sunken Ship in Ryoshima Coast. After you connect the barrel to the hooks in the room with the giant hand, stand on the barrel and jump up to the ledge above you to find the statue.


7 Rooster Statue In Sei-An City, after clearing the mist, the statue is in a chest behind where the Emperor is sitting.


8 Sheep Statue In Sei-An City’s Aristocratic Quarter. Right after you go past the two guards guarding the palace, turn right. The statue is in a buried chest under the tree.


9 Horse Statue It’s behind Waka’s floating headquarter in Sei-An City. To reach it, use waterspout on the pool in the southeast of the Commoner’s Quarter.


10 Boar Statue It’s in North Ryoshima Coast, in a hidden underground cave near the pool of golden water on the east side of the mainland. Drop down the ledge with the pool on the east side.


11 Cat Statue It’s found on Catcall Tower in North Ryoshima Coast. It’s on the final small protruding platform (the one with all 8 red marks)


12 Dog Statue It’s on Watcher’s Cape (the raised up plateau on the mainland that is only accessible by using the Catwalk skill) in North Ryoshima Coast. The statue is buried in the circular center area. It’s in the middle of 3 small shrubs.


13 Snake Statue In Ryoshima Coast, it’s between the two mountains that are tied with a rope out at sea.


14 Bull Statue In Agata Forest, it’s buried right in front of the entrance to the Tsuta Ruins. The Digging Champ dojo skill is required.


15 Amber Tassels It’s in a buried chest in Kamui. The chest is located just a few steps south of the Mermaid Spring.


16 Amethyst Tassels In Kamui, follow the frozen river north all the way to the end. You will find a ledge with some cranes and the treasure.


17 Jade Tassels In a buried chest in Wep’keer. Right after entering the village, turn to the right. The chest is near the rabbits and the snowman.


18 Cat’s Eye Tassels In Yoshpet Forest, take the very first wrong path that you come across (a “wrong path” meaning that the path splits left and right and you take the path that the arrow sign isn’t pointing to).


19 Agate Tassels In Ponc’Tan, near the entrance. There’s a small platform to the right that you can either Vine or make a sprinting double jump to.


20 Turquoise Tassels In the second half of Ponc’tan, it’s the very first chest that you come across. Hard to miss.


21 Ruby Tassels In Wawku Shrine. In the very first room with the two cannons, there are two buried chests where the cannons are/were. The one on the right contains the treasure.


22 Sapphire Tassels In Wawku Shrine after climbing the large room with the elevator shaft and going past the room with the fast-spinning gears, you’ll be outside. Here, just melt the frozen chest to get the treasure.


23 Emerald Tassels In Wawku Shrine, after the outside area with a lot of cannons, there’s a small platform on the left contains the treasure.


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