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One Hour One Life – Jobs

9 October 2018, Tuesday, 18:13:44


We’ll put these in some named categories: Task, Relaxing, Simple, Average, Tough, and Veteran.


[Legend] (This is the recommended time to do and to not do these jobs)

Eve Age (EA) – Also known as eve camp.

Mass Berry Era (MBE) – Time of which the main berry plantation is created. (20+ berry bushes)

Tool Age (TA) – When all tools are created, sheep are also bundled in this age.

End Game (EG) – When after the main struggles end and things like housing and medical supplies are produced.

Beyond (Beyond) – The struggle to maintain infinite.


(When to start doing these jobs – To what time you can still be doing these jobs)




(Short, non-full-life commitment, difficulty varies.)

Task Jobs:

Pen digger or constructor (MBE – EG) – Creating a pen for sheep containment.

Baby Raising (Any Age/Era) – Raising a baby to capability.

Baby Tours (Any Age/Era) – Showing a baby around the civilization.

Fire Making (Any Age/Era) – Making a fire if there isn’t any around.

Antivenom Obtaining (EG – Beyond) – If there is no antivenom, gather all necessary resources to obtain.

Obtaining Sheep (MBE – TA) – Raising the preliminary sheep.

Obtaining Cows (MBE – TA) – Raising the preliminary cows.

Crock Cook (MBE – Beyond) – Cooking stew and creating sour kraut.

Hunting Non-Hostile Animals (EA – TA) – Hunting family mouflon and geese for technological advancement.

Gear Hunting (EG -Beyond) – Searching for and bringing back lost gear.

Potter (EA – EG) – Gathering clay and creating pottery (Bowls, plates, crocks) for the populous.

Town Crier (TA – Beyond) – Keeping an eye out for what the civ needs and allocating jobs as need be.

Gold Miner (Beyond) – Mining gold veins and bringing the gold to the populous.

Scout (EG – Beyond) – Riding in various directions to get the lay of the land to tell the populous.

Station Setter (EG – Beyond) Setting up fence posts in commonly used grounds. (Rabbits, iron mines, large wild berry patches, etc.)




(Relaxing Jobs are not necessarily simple, they are just feel-good time using jobs you can try a life out on.)

Relaxing Jobs:

Goose Raising (EG -Beyond) – Raising Geese for food.

Role Playing (Beyond) – Giving people a change of pace by playing a role. (This job can be dangerous if your role doesn’t involve work)

Construction (TA – Beyond) – Creating flooring, and buildings.

Seal Hunter (EA – Beyond) – Clubbing seals and skinning them for their hides.




Simple Jobs:

Foraging (EA – MBE) – Gathering food from the wild, this can include: Berries, Cactus fruit, Wild Burdock, onion, and carrots.

Egg Collecting (EA- EG (End Game for geese.)) – Collecting eggs from goose ponds. (This job can be dangerous as a small child due to no food in swamps)

Kindling Collecting (EA – EG) – Gathering branches for kindling. (Depending on state of greens difficulty may vary)

Berry Tending (MBE – Beyond) – Putting dirt on languishing bushes and watering them.

Milkman (TA – Beyond) – Delivering milk to the populous.




Average Jobs:

Stew Farming (MBE – Beyond) – Farming squash, corn, and beans for stew.

Berry Farmer (EA- MBE) – Growing berry bushes.

(Food) Carrot farmer (EA – MBE) – Growing carrots for food. (I suggest only doing this while waiting for berry bushes to grow)

Rabbit Hunter (EA – Beyond) – Snaring rabbits and waking up the rabbit population after they refresh.

Potato Farmer (TA – Beyond) – Farming potatoes for food.

Snake Stabbing (TA – Beyond) – Stabbing snakes.

Undertaker (EA – Beyond) – Clearing corpses out of busy areas.

Bread Baker (TA – Beyond) – Baking bread for the populous.

Rock Gatherer (MBE – Beyond) – Gathering rocks for use in wells or cisterns.

Basket Weaver (EA – Beyond) – Creating basket for the populous.

Pie Maker (MBE – Beyond) – Creating, and baking pies for the populous.

Wheat Farmer (EG -Beyond) – Farming wheat for the the composters and chefs.




Tough Jobs:

Steel Maker (MBE – Beyond) – Creating steel for smithing.

Blacksmith (EA – Beyond) – Creating tools for the populous.

Wood Sorter (TA – Beyond) – Gathering, stacking, and managing wood stuffs. (Only tough because its a tedious job)

Hunting Hostile Animals (MBE – Beyond) – Hunting bears, wolfs, and boars.

Carrot Farmer (TA – Beyond) – Farming carrots for sheep and compost. (Tough because people eat them before you can use them all.)

Shepherd (TA – Beyond) – Feeding, shearing, and killing sheep.

Chef (EG – Beyond) – Creating foods like burritos and tacos.

Composter (TA – Beyond) – Creating compost.

Milkweed Farmer (TA – Beyond (Tough because rare to have spare resources to grow.) ) Growing milkweed for rope.




Veteran Jobs:

Protector (EA – Beyond) – Dispatching griefers and protecting important commodities.

Teacher (EG – Beyond) – Teaching new players what, how, and to do things.

Medic (TA – Beyond) – Keeping medical stations running, listening for attacks, and healing the (innocent) hurt and dying,

Griefer Eye (MBE – Beyond) – Determining whether a player is a griefer or not before they attack.

Undoing Grief (EA -Beyond) – Using, undoing, or the waste of resources that cannot be dispatched of in a positive manner.


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