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one night, hot springs – Endings Guide

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Erika Endings

This occurs when Haru, Erika, and Manami go back to their room after bathing. After the meal, Erika will ask if you mind having a chat. If you agree, you’ll get one of the two Erika Endings.


If you go to the baths with her, you get Erika End #2. If you don’t go to the baths, you get Erika End #1.


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Manami Endings

To get the personal scene with Manami, you have to choose not to chat with Erika. Erika will go to the baths on her own, and then Manami will suggest you keep her company for a bit. If you do, you’ll get one of the two Manami endings.


If you give her the present, you get Manami End #2. If you don’t, you get Manami End #1.


If you don’t keep Manami company, you’ll get either the good or bad ending.



Good, Normal, and Bad Endings

These are endings where you do not have a personal scene with Erika or Manami.


The Normal End is achieved by turning down Manami’s suggestion of going to the hot springs. This gets you an ending where they go to a theme park instead.


The good and bad endings are achieved by skipping the personal scenes of both Erika and Manami.


If you have any hearts left by the end, you get the Good End, and if your hearts are all empty, you get the Bad End.


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