Onward Controls


Left controller (if you selected righthanded in the menu)

1. Left thumb pad moves you in the direction you’re pressing, same if you hold your finger on it and move your hand in hte direction you want to go.

2. Double-tapping on the thumbpad makes you sprint, this is great for running to good cover.

3. Left menu button pulls up the menu.

4. The grip button can steady the front of your rifle.

5. If you hold the left controller near your shoulder and hold the trigger, you will use the radio, which you can communicate over long distances with your team.

6. With your left controller, you can make hand signals to your teammates for silent attacks and commands, very effective when used in close proximity to enemies! (can be used with right hand also).



Right controller

1. With your grip button, you can grab and release weapons.

2. With the trigger you shoot (obviously) when you have a weapon in hand.

3. Some weapons only use DOWN on the thumbpad to release the magasines, and some others uses down on the RIGHT controller and pressing trigger on the magasine with the LEFT controller. For example the L96.

4. Pressing left on the thumbpad changes firemode on your weapon.

5. If both hands are empty, put your right hand behind your back (down near your hips and up to your back) and press the RIGHT menu button for a MAP. (Where you can see the objective as a green dot).


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