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Outcast – Second Contact – Items

16 November 2017, Thursday, 16:01:49



E.V.D.: Enhanced Vision Device: Magnifying up to twelve times, the binoculars can also function in “X-ray” mode allowing to see through walls. A “lock” function allows to lock onto someone and automatically follow his movements.



F-LINK: It is comprised of a “departure” device and an arrival platform. Use this object by first placing the arrival platform on the ground. Then, when you activate the departure device, you can be transported to the arrival platform and the transporter will be recovered and automatically returned to the backpack. Be careful, the energy beam of a transporter does not allow it to function from one region to another.



C4-PE (Dynamite): Explosives. While they lack a delayed-triggering device, these packs of dynamite will nonetheless be very useful. You can set them off either by firing at them, by using a long-range detonator, or by using a THNDR-STP33 Tripwire detonator.



CLAPR-T: Detonator. Very handy, it allows to stay away from danger by triggering the packs of dynamite (C4-PE) placed in the active area.



THNDR-STP33: Tripwire device. Placed on the ground, this special detonator, with a presence detector, triggers the explosives situated (C4-PE) within its range when someone passes nearby.



PROXI-130 HF: Tracker. Once activated, it informs of the direction of the closest enemy.



PPS: Proton Phase Shifter Allows to become invisible for a few dozen seconds. Warning: while we can use objects when invisible, we cannot collect them, use a weapon or fight with bare hands.



Ubik-0A: Hologram device.



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