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Outcast – Second Contact – Lexicon

16 November 2017, Thursday, 17:00:32



This lexicon will help you understand what the Talans are saying to each other.


A, B, C
Achondar: Dragon-snake
Adelpha:The world of the Talans
Ador: Rock
Afar: After (Soon, tomorrow)
Agakamôn: The language of the heavens
Agazork:The Talan language
Am: Instance
Até: How much

Barr: Evil (bad)
Bok: District
Boogot: Toxic and explosive mushroom
Booyat: Mushroom growing in hot areas
Botar: Before (Yesterday)

Cyana: City of the marshes
C4-PE:Explosives. While they lack a delayed-triggering device, these packs of dynamite will nonetheless be very useful. You can set them off either by firing at them or by using a long-range detonator.
CLAPR-T: Detonator. Very handy, it allows to stay away from danger by triggering the packs of dynamite (C4-PE) placed in the active area.


D, E, F
Dagué: Danger, problem
Daguérach: Poisonous plant
Dammenaï: Common little rodent
Dano: Give (Return)
Daoka: Sacred gateway
Darosham: Gateway where spirits are born
Dissem: Different
Dolotaï: Long time
Doo: Also (again)

Eïssa!: Banzaï (war cry)
Eluee: Water Essence
Elueen: Those born of Water
Eoth: East (right)
E.V.D.: Enhanced Vision Device: Magnifying up to twelve times, the binoculars can also function in “X-ray” mode allowing to see through walls. A “lock” function allows to lock onto someone and automatically follow his movements

Faé: Fire Essence
Faé Rhan: The Master of Adelpha
Faékynn: Those born of Fire
Faénéa: Fibers extracted from Gawarats which have healing properties
Fehane: Moss
F-LINK: It is comprised of a “departure” device and an arrival platform. Use this object by first placing the arrival platform on the ground. Then, when you activate the departure device, you can be transported to the arrival platform and the transporter will be recovered and automatically returned to the backpack. Be careful, the energy beam of a transporter does not allow it to function from one world to another.
FT-74: Flame-thrower. Devastating and deadly, be careful not to play with fire, or you might get burned. This weapon is composed with two parts: the first part allows to adjust the delay between start up and actual firing; the second part allows to regulate the weapon’s.


G, H, I
Gaéat: To love
Gamor: Carnivorous predator, a cross-between between a wolf and tiger. Powerful long limbed beasts with muscular bodies and knotted muscles, they are formidable hunters.
Gaamsavv: Stone (saving crystal)
Gandha: Earth essence
Gadahar: Those born of Earth
Ganele: Seashell
Gemehar: Kind of Sanar tree
Gizhaïe: Essence Bearer
Gorgor: Big carnivorous animal
Gui: Piece of cloth dipped in the sweat of a Twon-has mother, when used it makes the Twon-ha becomes as tame a a small child with its parent. It is used by the Talan to control Twon-ha.
Guita: Feel
Gwar: Wound
Gwarat: Cactus
Gwarta: To nurse (heal)

Hâ: Yes (to be, there are, there is)
Hao (Haomé): Hi (Hello)
HAWK-MK8: Perforator gun. An extremely powerful missile-based weapon system when confronting more tenacious enemies. The weapon must be loaded with the secondary action button before it can be fired. Once the weapon is loaded, it’s possible to take advantage of the inertia of the barrel and to fire several times in rapid succession
Hazadess: Ghost
Hazifar: Ventilope rider
Héko: Here
Hélidium: Ore specific to Adelpha
HK-P12: Standard Issue Sidearm, Basic gun, carried at all times. The reload occurs automatically when one stops aiming or also when the magazine is empty.
Hokaza: Thank you
Horr: HHmm, eh, ahem
Hoti: Twôn-ha fruits (sweets)

Iki: Easy


J, K, L
Jinat: To Know

Ka: Air Essence
Kaar: Life, Living
Kaïjin: The tale of the heavens
Kamenaï: Designated birds
Kamôn: Those born of air
Kanoon: Well (Good)
Kata: Bless
Kaza: Please
Kazar: Lost prophet
Kiakii(iii): Fun
Ko: Who (and direct object, indirect object)
Koï: What (and direct object, indirect object)
Kez: Where (and adverbial phrase of place)
Krakit: Spider-like animal
Kroax: Leader of the Fae Talans

Labta: To go (travel, move)
Lako: There
Lampé: Beer – alcohol
Lepta: To help
LN-DUO 500: Boomer gun. This awesome piece of firepower is ideal if you want to break up a crowd. The Boomer Gun utilizes a mortar-style trajectory to reach obscured targets as well


M, N, O
Madé: House
Maya (Mayamé): Goodbye
Maé: Me
Mag: Hunger
Magta: To eat
Magué: Food
Magwa: Plant with regenerative properties
Maorr: Master
Maré: Important (very)
Meenaï: Several (a lot, all)
Miléa: Harmony
Môn: Relics
Mool: Krakit’s salivary gland
Motaz: Mountain
Motazaar: World of Mountains
Moté: Someone

Nani: Expensive
Né: Non
Nédano: Steal
Né iki: Hard
Négta: To kill
Nékaar: Death
Néogaé: Woe
Noroth: North (high)

Ogaé: Happiness
Okaar: Forest World
Okasankaar: World of Marshes
Okk: Old
Okriana: Main city
Ôn: One (number)
Oogoobar: Living beings (primitives). This group does not belong to any caste. Long forgotten by the Talan civilization, this primitive lives within a tribe and can be recognized by his stoutness and gross features.
Oroth: West (left)


P, R, S
Pigweet: Rodent
Pok: Belongings (thing)
PPS: Proton Phase Shifter: Allows to become invisible for a few dozen seconds. Warning: while we can use objects when invisible, we cannot collect them, use a weapon or fight with bare hands.
PROXI-130 HF: Tracker. Once activated, it informs of the direction of the closest enemy

Rammu: Toxic plant
Rân: White
Ranzaar: White earth
Rembat: To remember
Riss: Rice

San: Water
Sanar: Common tree Essence
Sangta: To drink
Sankaar: Fish
Sankaari: Fisherman
Sankra: Chaos
Sannégta: Killer of the seas. These fish are especially ferocious. They will not hesitate to attack every small boat or swimmer venturing into troubled waters…
Sayat: To say
Sem: Same
Séyat: To see
Shamaz: Designates the Talan priests
Shamazaar: World of Temples
Siénole: Rare plant with hallucinogenic properties
SLNT-B: Dart gun. A more strategic weapon, it fires lethal poisonous capsules. A telescopic targeting system makes it an ideal weapon for long distance combat
Sodoth: South (low)
Solan: Deference
Sota: To buy


T, U, V
Tar: When (and adverbial phrase of time)
Takta: To take (use)
Talan: Designates the inhabitants of Adelpha
Talanzaar: Populated world
THNDR-STP33: Tripwire device. Placed on the ground, this special detonator, with a presence detector, triggers the explosives situated (C4-PE) within its range when someone passes nearby
Todar: Today
Trad: Merchant
Tradta: To sell
Twôn: Two (number)
Twôn-Ha: Designates biped animal (milk-giving and wild). Their strength and speed are similar to that of an antelope and they can be tamed and mounted

Ulukaï: Souls of the Essence
Ubik-0A: Hologram device
UZA-SH: Tracer Gun. Sophisticated and powerful, it should be used with caution in enclosed areas

Ventilope: These are winged bipeds, with a wingspan able of up to eight meters. They are sometimes used by soldiers for surveillance missions, or even for aerial bombardments. Others will attack you mercilessly without pity.


W, Y, Z
Wa: Work / occupation / class
Wabta: To wait
Wanat: To want
Wata: To work

You: You
Yod: Spirit of the Essence
Yod Eluee: Spirit of the Essence Water
Yod Faé: Spirit of the Essence Fire
Yod Gandha: Spirit of the Essence Earth
Yod Ka: Spirit of the Essence Air

Zae: Sure
Zaza: Twerp
Zeedog: Predatory animal, sedentary and lives in the marshes
Zonn: Friend
Zark: Enemy
Zorkin: Monetary unit used on Adelpha
Zorr: Soldier
Zort: Excrement



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