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Outcast – Second Contact – Tips & Tricks


Tips & Tricks

  • Any shamaz can heal you to full health, but you don’t have to sit and wait while they channel; you can run off and even start conversations but still get healed. If anything interrupts his channeling such as a fight or threatening him he will have to start over.


  • USE THE MINI-MAP! The full map is also really, really handy finding any particular talan you’re searching for.


  • The HK-P12 and UZA-SH1 are your primary go-to weapons effective for the entire game. During the early game, you can go to Talanzaar and find the first two or so weapon traders; when going along the right side, you can find the first upgrade for the HK-P12 and get the UZA-SH1. It’s a good idea to get both before finishing Shamazaar.


  • Read up on what the items do, or you’ll never use them. Not that you need to. The hologram is arguably the most useful.


  • If you need to heal and aren’t next to a shamaz, you likely have way more med-kits than you’ll ever need, so you might as well top off.


  • Personally, one of the first things I did was turn off the auto-targeting. It plays much closer to the original and feels a lot better with a mouse. They did improve the projectile size and hit detection from the original, so there are more opportunities for hard shots.


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