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HK-P12 Standard Issue Sidearm

Basic gun, carried at all times. The reload occurs automatically when one stops aiming or also when the magazine is empty.


Level 0 upgrade: Six bullet magazine.

Level 1 upgrade: Magazine’s capacity is doubled to hold 12 bullets.

Level 2 upgrade: Maximum magazine with a 24-bullet capacity.



UZA-SH Tracer Gun

Sophisticated and powerful, it should be used with caution in enclosed areas.


Level 0 upgrade: The number of bullets per minute is not very high.

Level 1 upgrade: The rate of fire is very rapid, however, the weapon overheats quickly and the firing rate slows down. The weapon must be given time to cool off at this point.

Level 2 upgrade: The rate of fire is average, but the bullets ricochet against obstacles.



SLNT-B Dart gun

A more strategic weapon, it fires lethal poisonous capsules. A telescopic targeting system makes it an ideal weapon for long distance combat.


Level 0 upgrade: Puts the enemy to sleep for a short period of time.

Level 1 upgrade: Puts the enemy to sleep for a longer period of time.

Level 2 upgrade: Puts the enemy to sleep for a long period of time.



HAWK-MK8 Perforator gun

An extremely powerful missile-based weapon system when confronting more tenacious enemies. The weapon must be loaded with the secondary action button before it can be fired. Once the weapon is loaded, it’s possible to take advantage of the inertia of the barrel and to fire several times in rapid succession.


Level 0 upgrade: Long loading time, slow bullet speed, uses one charge.

Level 1 upgrade: Average loading time, average bullet speed, uses two charges.

Level 2 upgrade: Short loading time, rapid bullet speed, uses three charges.



LN-DUO 500 Boomer gun

This awesome piece of firepower is ideal if you want to break up a crowd. The Boomer Gun utilizes a mortar-style trajectory to reach obscured targets as well.


Level 0 upgrade: Launches antipersonnel mines which are automatically triggered when someone passes near them. These mines turn themselves off after awhile.

Level 1 upgrade: Fires a grenade that explodes after several seconds.

Level 2 upgrade: Fires a shell that explodes as soon as it hits to the ground or touches an obstacle



FT-74 Flame-thrower

Devastating and deadly, be careful not to play with fire, or you might get burned. This weapon is composed with two parts: the first part allows to adjust the delay between start up and actual firing; the second part allows to regulate the weapon’s.

Observation: This weapon is damaged when Cutter finds it. Nevertheless, it is possible to repair it with two parts: the first part allows you to adjust the delay between start up and actual firing; the second part allows you to regulate the weapon’s discharge and to thus extend the length of the flame.


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