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Outlast 2 How to Change Field of View Guide

26 April 2017, Wednesday, 20:56:33


Changing FOV
So first, go to Outlast 2 config folder that located at:
C:/Users/*USERNAME*/Documents/My Games/Outlast2/OLGame/Config
Then open file OLGame.ini using any text editor (that supports searching) and follow the instructions.


Default FOV
The name speaks for itself.
To change Default FOV, do this:

-Search for “BaseFOV”
-Change value to your preference
-Search for “DefaultFOV”
-Change value to similar as BaseFOV value”


Running FOV
-FOV that applies when player is running
-To change Running FOV, do this:
-Search for “RunningFOV”
-Change value to your preference but add 20-30 to it


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