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Outlast 2 PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide

21 April 2017, Friday, 13:25:18


Controls in Outlast 2 are simple and intuitive. It does not require major remapping, but it is, of course, possible. The controls presented below are the default ones.





W = Move Forward

A = Move Left

S = Move Backwards

D = Move Right

Q = Peek Left Around Corners / OR / While Running Look Behind You

E = Peek Right Around Corners / OR / While Running Look Behind You

R = Reload Batteries

F = Turns On/Off Night vision (While The Camera is Up)

N = Notes

J = Documents

Tab = Your Notebook

Shift = Run

Left Ctrl = Crouch

Esc = Options (go in here and look at your controler/keys setup)




Left Click = Pickup Items / Open Doors (Hold Mouse To Open/Close Slow, Click To Open / Close Fast)

Right Click = Bring Up / Put Away Camera

Scroll UP = Zoom In With The Camera

Scroll Down = Zoom Out With The Camera



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