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Outlaws of the Old West – How to Activate Admin Rights

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How to Activate Admin Rights

The steps to make it so you can access Admin controls:


This works in single-player games also.

  • First, you need to navigate to the correct folder location;


Correct folder location: F:\Steam\steamapps\Common\steamapps\common\Outlaws of the Old West\WindowsServer\Outlaws\Saved. NOTE: My Steam games are installed on F: drive; yours are more likely installed on C: drive.


Wrong folder location: C:\Users\USER_ID\AppData\Local\Outlaws\Saved. NOTE: change USER_ID to your computer’s USER_ID.


  • Next, you need to add your Steam ID to the AdminList.txt file.


If there is no AdminList.txt file, create one. Plain text file, don’t use MS Word or other word processors.


Add your Steam ID number to this file. Your Steam ID is 17 characters long. It often displays near the top of your Steam page. Else there are online sites that you can find your Steam ID. It is often also called Steam64 ID. Save the file.


  • Restart the Outlaws game.



  • When in-game, press SHIFT+~ (Tilde key is right above TAB key on the left side of the keyboard). Note: if you are from a non-English area, you may have to set your keyboard to English to access the tilde key.



  • Type “ActivateAdmin” in the console text box that appears in the bottom middle of the screen.



  • Press ENTER



  • Now when you press ESC, you should see the Admin option appear there.


If all works as listed, then success!


From now on, you can use the SHIFT+~ to open the console box & type in (or copy & paste) any Admin command.


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