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Outscape: Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Keyboard controls are shortcuts to various game functions via keyboard keys. This article lists the default hotkeys:



  • -Holding the left mouse button and dragging will move you around the galaxy view. You can also use the WASD or arrows keys to move as well.



  • -Move the mouse cursor to the edge of the map to scroll.



  • -If you hold your right mouse button and move you will rotate your 3-D orientation, allowing you to see things from a different perspective. The Q and E keys can also be used to rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise, and R and F can be used to move up and down (towards/away from the galactic plane).



  • -Use the mouse wheel or the Z and X keys to zoom in and out of the map.



  • -Press and hold the Spacebar to hide all labels for stars, planets and fleets. This is useful for interacting with other fleets/objects that are hidden behind labels.



If you lose your bearings, use the BACK button in the bottom right corner to take you back to the previous screen and/or reset your camera view. The Backspace key can also be used to do this.


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