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Outward – Cooking for Cash – Profitable Recipes

Cooking for Cash

If your need for silver outweighs your need for useful food and you intend to sell the ingredients, in most cases cooking recipes with those ingredients will net you more profit than selling the ingredients directly. The exception I’ve found is recipes that involve beetles, which sell for less than if you just sold the beetles directly.



Profitable recipes:

Azure Shrimp (9s) + Raw Rainbow Trout (4s) + Larva Egg (4s) + Seaweed (1s) = 18s

Result: Luxe Lichette (9s) x 3, 27s total or 9s (1.5x) profit



Bird Egg (1s) + Bird Egg (1s) + Common Mushroom (0s) = 2s

Result: Miner’s Omelette (1s) x 3, 3s total or 1s (1.5x) profit



Bread (0s) + Graberry Jam (2s) = 2s

Result: Gaberry Tartine (2s) x 3, 6s total or 4s (3x) profit



Common Mushroom (0s) x4 = 0s

Result: Dry Mushroom Bar (1s) x 5, 5s total/profit



Gaberries (0s) x 4 = 0s

Result: Gaberry Jam (2s), 2s total/profit



Raw Meat (1s) x 2 + Salt (0s) x2 = 2s

Result: Jerky (1s) x5, 5s total or 3s (2.5x) profit



Raw Meat (1s) + Gaberries (0s) + Salt (0s) = 1s

Result: Meat Stew (1s) x 3, 3s total or 2s (3x) profit



Larva Egg (4s) + Raw Salmon (1s) + Seaweed (1s) = 6s

Result: Ocean Fricassee (4s) x 3, 12s total or 6s (2x) profit



Raw Salmon (1s) x 3 + Salt (0s) = 3s

Result: Pot-au-Dey du Pirate (2s) x 3, 6s total or 3s (2x) profit



Raw Rainbow Trout (4s) + Seaweed (1s) + Salt (0s) = 5s

Result: Cierzo Ceviche (4s) x3, 12s total or 7s (2.4x) profit



Water (0s) + Seaweed (1s) = 1s

Result: Soothing Tea (2s), 2s total or 1s (2x) profit


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