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Outward – Eating for Mana Recovery

Eating for Mana Recovery

You gain Mana primarily from seafood, so you’ll probably want to keep a Fishing Harpoon on you at all times if you use magic (the Harpoon still works even if it breaks, so don’t worry about repairing it).



Possible mana effects:

Mana Recovery 1: 0.15 mana/second for 600 seconds (90 total mana)

Mana Recovery 2: 0.2 mana/second for 600 seconds (120 total mana)

Mana Recovery 3: 0.25 mana/second for 600 seconds (150 total mana)



Mana recipes:

Grilled Salmon – Raw Salmon

– Grants 125 food value, Health Recovery 1, and Mana Recovery 1

– Like Cooked Meat, okay in a pinch, and even if you don’t eat it now, it can still be used in other recipes later. However, it is probably better to save your fish for other recipes, and especially avoid grilling Rainbow Trout because you need the raw form for some special recipes.



Pot-au-Dey du Pirate (3 servings) – 3x Any Fish + Salt

– Grants 325! food value, Health Recovery 2, and Mana Recovery 3

– This adds a lot of value to your salmon. You used 3 fish (even already-grilled fish) and got 3 servings back, but each serving now grants significantly more health and mana! Avoid using Rainbow Trout for this though, and if you have Larva Eggs or other eggs like Bird Eggs available, you may want to use your fish for Ocean Fricassee or Pungent Paste instead.



Boiled Azure Shrimp – Azure Shrimp

– Grants 75 food value and Mana Recovery 3

– Azure Shrimp are fairly rare and can also be used for Luxe Lichette instead if you value Health and Stamina regen over Mana regen so this is probably not the best use for these (keep them in raw form if you don’t plan to eat them directly).


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