Outward – Equipment Crafting Recipes

Equipment Crafting Recipes

Bone Pistol – Flintlock Pistol, Occult Remains, Crystal Powder

Flintlock Pistol can be purchased from Sorobean Caravanners or Engineer Ornstein in Levant, Abrassar.




Coralhorn Bow – 2x Coralhorn Antlers, Recurve Bow, Crystal Powder

Coralhorn Antlers can be found by killing Coralhorn Deers – they’re the ones that are slightly bigger and covered in red – found in Enmerkar Forest.




Fang Axe – Iron Axe, Predator Bones, Linen Cloth

Iron Axe can be bought at just about every blacksmith, and Predator Bones are common drops from Hyenas (in Chersonese) and Tuanosaurs (in Hallowed Marsh).




Gold-Lich Claymore / Gold-Lich Spear – 2x Gold-Lich Mechanisms, Iron Claymore / Iron Spear, Firefly Powder



Gold-Lich Mace / Sword – Gold-Lich Mechanism, Iron Mace / Iron Sword, Firefly Powder

Gold-Lich Mechanism are dropped by the Golden Minion and Golden Specter enemies – they’re the glowy enemies, kind of hard to miss. They can be found in the Voltaic Hatchery of Chersonese or Spire of Light of Hallowed Marsh.


Use the Iron equivalent of the weapon you wish to craft (e.g using Iron Claymore for the recipe makes a Gold-Lich Claymore). One thing to note is that the two handed weapons requires two Gold-Lich Mechanisms, whereas the one handed weapons only require one.




Horror Axe – Horror Chitin, Fang Axe, Palladium Scrap, Occult Remains



Horror Bow -2x Horror Chitin, War Bow, Occult Remains

Horror Chitin is dropped by the Horror enemies – the small ones that spit poison at you, and their larger cousins. They can be found in and around Cabal of Wind Temples in all areas, except the ones in Chersonese – those spawn to the West of the temple, closer to the Ancient Ruins.




Manticore Dagger – Manticore Tail, Palladium Scrap

Manticore Tails are dropped by Manticores; there’s a whole nest of them in the Royal Manticore Lair, the same location you find Zhorn’s Hunting Backpack in.




Scaled Leather Attire – Basic Armor, 2x Scaled Leather, Predator Bones



Scaled Leather Boots – Basic Boots, 2x Scaled Leather, Predator Bones



Scaled Leather Hat – Basic Hat, 2x Scaled Leather, Preadator Bones

Basic Armor, Boots and Hat are the Worker equipment (e.g Pale Worker Hood, Green Worker Attire, Dark Worker Boots). Scaled Leather and Predator Bones both can be looted off Tuanosaurs (the carnivorous dinosaur-looking creatures). Predator Bones are also easily farmed off Hyenas in Chersonese.



Tuanosaur Axe – Alpha Tuanosaur Tail, Brutal Axe, Palladium Scrap

Alpha Tuanosaur Tail can be looted from Alpha Tuanosaurs in Hallowed Marsh – they’re the ones that are slightly bigger, tinted red, and does fire attacks.


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