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Overgrowth Cheat Codes

16 October 2017, Monday, 23:31:33


Cheat Codes

How to Activate

Activate the editor from inside any level by hitting F1. Return to character control with the 8 key. Once the editor is activated, open it up again (while controlling the character) by hitting ESC.


You can also access the editor by using the Top Bar -> File menu. Create a new level with File -> New Level, or open an existing level with File -> Open Level, or File -> Open Recent.


You can leave the editor mode and go back to playing by hitting the 8 key. You can also do this through Top Bar -> Edit -> Play Level. Once you’ve activated editor mode once, the Esc key brings up the editor again.




List of debug/cheat keys

Once you’ve activated the editor mode, you can also use debug/cheat keys:

1 – 7 swap your player character to a different gender or species. Hit the key again to pick a different random theme/color scheme
Tab switch the game to slow motion

` key (on the same key as ~) to pause the game. The game will remain paused when going into the editor, so you can use this trick to get screenshots that capture action

F shoot your laser eyes and kill everything around you. Seriously cheap! But useful while making a level

L instantly restart the level

X revive you and everyone else on the map

, trigger a throat-cut on yourself (triggers respawn a bit differently, so sometimes more useful when testing if you “fall through” the level on respawn)

Z ragdoll yourself

N pain-ragdoll yourself

M limp-ragdoll yourself

B burn the bunny

V trigger a battle cry, and cause non-static friendly NPCs to follow you

+ increase FOV

– decrease FOV

1 respawn as a rabbit (guard, Turner or raider)

2 respawn as a civilian rabbit (sometimes male, sometimes female)

3 respawn as a cat

4 respawn as a rat

5 respawn as a wolf

6 respawn as a dog

7 respawn as an ultra high tech in-joke


B Misc key, used for testing features in the game, changes from version to version (currently: set player on fire)


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