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Overgrowth – Tips for Editor (Shortkeys)

23 October 2017, Monday, 16:24:25


Tips for Editor (Shortkeys)

Use in the Editor
-HOLD “ctrl+shift”, then press “P” to make a selected character player-controlled (Vice versa for A.I.)
-While on a selected character, HOLD “ctrl” then press “P” for the color palette to pop up.
-Press “~” to freeze time.
-Press “C” to stop the A.I. director. (Just makes hostiles friendly”
-Press “L” to restart the map. (Puts everything back to starting positions)
-While on a selected character, press “I” to open all three MAIN parameters of a character:
-Name and location on map, Color palette, and options of character; Scale, size of body parts, aggression, and many other options.
-While on a selected character, press “U” for complex options of a selected character. (Basically the same as above but cleaner and simpler to use.)





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