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Oxygen Not Included Attributes Guide

26 May 2017, Friday, 17:04:18


Currently there are 9 attributes in the game, the most important is probably “Learning“. This attribute determines how fast your dupe complete a research and gain skill level (increase attribute). Like it said, smarter dupes will gain more attribute faster. The downside from this is your dupe will be raising their decor & food expectation faster too. Each time they gain a level, their expectation will also rising, that’s why it’s important to pick dupes with the lowest expectation as possible. To counter the side effect, you need to catch up with their neccessity, or they will be constantly in stress.

Digging & construction also a good attribute to start with. Dig & construct faster means you can build your colony faster. Athletics might seems good because it makes your dupes run faster, but this can be train quite easy and at first your colony will be quite cramped anyway, so it’s kind more important in mid-late game. (extra note: Athletics don’t makes dupe generate more power in the hamster wheel).

Another attributes to consider are Creativity & Strength.
Creativity plays an important role for handling stress via decor rating (art building). But this attribute won’t be straight needed at first 10-20cycles, so you don’t have to take high Creativity dupe from the start. It’s your choice. Creativity can be train but hard even for high learning dupes.
Strength is unique because you can’t train this now. Like in other games, this determine how much a dupe can carry. This is important for your courrier or cart-dupe, since they can carry more, they are quite efficient for sweep & delivery jobs.

Cooking can be useful if you depends a lot in the Micromusher (for foods), but seriously you shouldn’t be depend on it all that much.

Medicine and tinkering are not important now, you can pretty much ignore it.

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