Oxygen Not Included How to Use Power Transformer Guide


How to Use Power Transformer

How it works
Basically it allows you to split the higher output (current max at 20kW) into smaller output branches (current max at 1kW)




How to connect it
You connect the producer (generator) to the top left socket of the transformer (usually using heavy wire) and connect consumer at the other end (usually using regular wire).


Decor Penalties
As you may already know. Some buildings or utilities have bad decor rating.
Regular wire can hold 1kW power and has -5 decor (1tile radius).
Heavy wire can hold 20kW power and has -25 decor (6 tile radius).

You can build regular wire inside a wall/floor to hide their negative decor rating, but you can’t build heavy wire inside a wall/floor, therefore you can’t hide their negative decor rating completely.

By game design, the developer doesn’t want you to spread this heavy wire all over the place.
Currently there is no way to deal with those bad decor produced by heavy wire. They are just too much.

Example how bad they are:


3 4


I will also give you some tips about how to manage those in this guide.
But before we get there, first I will show you some examples.


Different example or scenario how you can use Power Transformer




The first one is the basic use, you connect a generator to the producer using heavy wire and then connect regular wire in the consumer output to your building(s).

The second one is to show you an example of having 2 transformers to split the watt usage into different area/buildings.

The third one is a simple example if you want to connect manual generator without having trouble with the bad decor. You can connect regular wire as an input (producer) and heavy wire at the transformer consumer, this makes the transformer acting like a generator/battery. Well in a sense transformer is just like battery. they store 1kJ.


Power Transformer and Batteries
You can still use batteries to store your power.




The blue section’s batteries is storing power from the generator and can be use to power the transformer.
So when the generator stop working, the transformer will take power from the batteries.

Batteries in the green section are storing power from the transformer.
When the transformer is running out of power, the buildings in each green section will then use power from their own batteries network. They will not take power from other transformer that is not connected to them.


How to distribute & deal with the bad decor
You can create something like manhole (similar in real life).




Decor Overlay
As you can see here, I still got good decor in my hallway/corridor where my dupes are walking:




Power Grid Overlay
I use wire bridge to cross the heavy wire through wall/door.




Those heavy wires are connected to the other side of my base and at that end, it also got transformers distributing power for that sector.
I only have one giant power plant and distribute it all across the map.


Overview of my Colony
This is my power grid network and my decor rating.


11 12

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