Oxygen Not Included Tips & Tricks



Oxygen Not Included Tips & Tricks

-At early in the game, you might think you have enough algae. But NO, you don’t.



-Build at least 2 Massage Tables, especially if your stress level are reaching 40-50%. You should try to avoid using them as much as possible, but it’s better to let them rest in the table instead of stressing out (>80%)



-Watch for warning notification, dupes are not the smartest creature in the asteroid, sometime they can kill themselves in the most unpredictable scenario.



-Exploring is good, but be careful not to expand too much or open a big vacuum area when your oxygen production is still low.



-Taking new dupe is okay, but be very careful with your oxygen & food supply.



-Certain dupes can fart, and it release as natural gas.



-Some resource are more scarce than the other, be very careful. Some example: At early game: Algae, clean water, and metal (copper, gold). At mid-late game: Sands and coal.



-Hatch & puff are useful. Rule of thumbs, don’t kill any creature before you actually know what they do (good or bad).



-Hatch will eat any ore and then poop out coal (fuel for Coal Generator, produce electricity).
With a bit of work, you can catch creature and build a cage for them.




You can’t see it, but actually there are 5 hatchs there, standing on a same tile.



-Puff will breath polluted oxygen and then poop out slime (can be convert into algae).



-Morbs are producing polluted oxygen.



-You might think mealwood will be your stable food supply. But NO, it is not.

First of all, if you don’t reach excellent yield, they won’t give any seed back, so you can run out of them.
Second, they are low quality of food. You shouldn’t depends on them at mid-late game, they are causing stress to your high level dupes.



-Farming has 3 yields: Standard, Good, and Excellent. Different plant have different conditions to meet. But to reach Excellent yield, you need to fulfill all of their conditions (fertilize, irrigate, ideal temperature & gas pressure).



-Don’t freak out with unfriendly/toxic gases, but you should start worrying when they are getting out of control. Polluted oxygen and sickness are not major issue for now. But don’t get used to it, because the developer will change this in the future.



-Build Airlocks in your base, especially to certain area that are polluted or toxic.

For polluted oxygen, you can set it up pretty easy. Just build a room with closed door on both side and put Air Deodorizer inside that room:




Blue is the airlock room, purple is the Air Deodorizer.

For a more complex airlock (usually for toxic area), you can build something like this:




Having 2 or longer corridor to make sure the toxic gas won’t come out easily.

Green is the vacum airlock room. It has 2 gas pump connected to atmo switch.

Gas pump is for pumping gas and atmo switch is a programmable switch that can be set when to active/off depends on the air pressure. So I set it up to where there is gas pressure in the room, they will pump the gas back in.

Blue is the first room that has contact with the toxic area. That machine that is hanging inside the room is a gas filter, I set it to filter out all the toxic gas.


-Algae is not your best oxygen solution. You need to move on to Electrolizer.

It use clean water to produce oxygen and hydrogen. Hydrogen (pink) are lighter than O2, so they’ll go upward. There are several way to set it up:


– Build a pyramid or house roof shape base and build gas pump at the top, then build electrolizer at the bottom of your base. Oxygen will distribute by itself and hydrogen will gather at the top of your base. Connect your gas pump to a gas filter and then deliver it to hydrogen generator to produce power.


– Build a special room for it. Build electrolizer & gas pump in the same room and then connect the pipe to the gas filter to seperate oxygen & hydrogen.




-#DupesLivesMatter, remember to take care of your dupe. When stress start to get out of control, it will be quite hard to handle. It is like a snowball effect and your colony is doom before you realize it

-Watch your decor, some building have bad decor and it is bad for your dupes. (use decor overlay)

-Watch your base temperature, some building emits heat and can be overheated (they’ll break). Temperature usually a late game problem though.

-Explore and find the geyser, currently there are 2 geyser in the game:
– Steam Geyser: it emits steam & produce hot clean water.




-Natural Gas Geyser: It emits natural gas (can be use to fuel Generator for electricity).




-Please don’t do this (it’s sad), but sometime sacrifice are needed. When your colony is about to die and some dupes are causing it to fall. You can kill them off to save the colony. The easiest way are to lock them up and let them die (slowly :<)

-ALT+S to use the camera view freely, it also hide the GUI. Can be use to take cool screenshot 🙂


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