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Panzer Corps 2 – Heroes and Awards

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Heroes and Awards

Now and then, battles you are fighting will produce a particularly talented soldier or unit that receives recognition from High Command. In the game, this is represented by heroes and awards, which can provide powerful and valuable bonuses to the forces associated with them. A unit can have a maximum of three heroes and an unlimited number of awards at any time.


Awards are given out when a unit proves particularly successful in a particular type of combat, for example, having killed a large number of enemy strength points of a specific category of unit. Each award is associated with a particular effect, usually, one that makes the unit better at whatever aspect of combat it had recently proved successful in (for instance, a fighter unit that shoots down 100 enemy aircraft strength points will be given ‘Aerial Ace,’ giving +1 air attack). These awards will be associated with the unit until the unit is disbanded or destroyed.


Heroes bring many of the same bonuses as awards but are not associated with direct victories in combat. Instead, you will be awarded one hero at the beginning of each campaign except the first. You can begin the game with three heroes by choosing the ‘Killer Team’ player trait at the beginning of the campaign. Heroes are also not permanently tied to a unit as awards are but can be assigned and moved between units. Awards and heroes can be viewed by clicking on the Unit details button (with the ‘i’ symbol) at the bottom of the unit info panel in the bottom left corner of the screen (or by right-clicking the unit or using the “I” hotkey”).


Heroes can be assigned to core units at any time during the deployment phase, although not in the middle of a scenario, by clicking ‘Heroes’ and then ‘Assign Hero’ – if you wish to assign a hero that is already attached to another unit select it on the new unit. It will automatically be removed from the other unit. Heroes can also be unassigned from a unit by clicking ‘Unassign’ or removed from the game entirely by clicking ‘Dismiss.’


The abilities given to your units by awards and heroes will also be present on the unit info panel, appearing as gold symbols next to the unit’s other traits.


Note: When a unit containing heroes is destroyed, the heroes will be available to add to other units at the beginning of the next scenario.


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