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Panzer Corps 2 – Retreat and Surrender

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Retreat and Surrender

Land-based units that suffer devastating non-ranged attacks that kill 66% of their unsuppressed strength will attempt to retreat immediately following the attack unless they are currently entrenched to a level greater than their base entrenchment on that hex. Units will attempt to retreat in a direction away from the attacker and may retreat multiple hexes to reach safety. However, retreat comes with a cost: any movement points that the unit uses retreating will not be available for the unit to use in its own next turn. Units cannot enter their transports when retreating (although the transport will not be lost) if a unit cannot retreat, whether due to running out of next turn’s movement points or having nowhere to go, it will surrender instead. When a unit surrenders, the attacker is rewarded with prestige equal to the value of the surviving part of the surrendering unit.


Note: In addition to being unable to retreat into tiles occupied by other units or impassable terrain, units will try to avoid retreating into an enemy’s zone of control.


Some types of units, particularly tanks, artillery and anti-tank and anti-air guns, can be ‘captured’ when they surrender. Captured equipment is saved, and if enough of it is accumulated it is possible to build new units using the enemy’s weapons in the Purchase Screen. To do this, you need to capture enough strength points of equipment to form a new 10-strength unit (for instance, if you wanted a German KV-2 unit, you would need to force the surrender of ten strength points’ worth of KV-2s from the Red Army, which would likely require the surrender of several KV-2 units). Such units require the surrender of more of that type of equipment to receive replacements.


A further special case of retreats exists when a ship in a port is attacked by an infantry or tank unit. If able to, the ship will flee the port, and if it has nowhere to go, it will be scuttled (destroyed) instead.


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