Parkitect – PC Keyboard Shortcuts


PC Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

A full list of all the useful hotkeys in Parkitect.



X: Toggle UI


C: Toggle Underground View


V: Toggle Scenery View


B: Toggle Path View


N: Toggle Rides View


F1: Open Rides Window


F2: Open Utilities Window


F3: Open Shops Window


F4: Open Deco Window


F5: Open Path Window


F6: Open Terra-former Window


F7: Open Blueprints Window


F8: Open Brush Window


F9: Open Bulldozer Tool


Z: Quicksave


Spacebar: Rotate objects while building


Left mouse click: Select/Build


Right mouse click: Remove object under mouse


C: Toggle game UI


0, 1, 2, 3: Change speed


W, A, S, D: Move camera


Q, E: Rotate camera


M: Toggle top-down camera


Alt + middle mouse click: Change camera angle


Scroll wheel: Zoom in/out


Space: Rotate Object


Shift + Drag Mouse: Change Height of Object


Alt + 1-8: Snap to Grid



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