Partisans 1941 Cheats




Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.


War Never Changes

Kill 100 enemies



Reach the partisan base



Kill 3 enemies with one hand grenade


Mosquito bite

Blow up the tank during the first mission


Heroes Never Die

Revive a partisan


Agent 47

Kill 3 enemies using environmetal objects


Spice It Up

Poison the provisions heading out to the front lines during the farm mission


Payback Time

Kill 4 enemies during a single use of Fan fire skill


Death to the Oppressor!

Stab Biermeier in the back without raising an alarm


Your Answer

Kill 2 enemies during a single use of Fan fire skill


Lock, Stock

Kill 3 enemies during a single use of Buckshot skill


Do a Barrel Roll!

Perform 10 rolls


Game Over

Complete the mission Farmstead


No Witness

Kill every enemy during the Zaborovka mission



Complete the mission with no alarms


Tough as Nails

Complete the town mission without raising an alarm


The Big Bertha

Destroy the railway gun



Kill 3 enemies with one landmine


The Gang’s All Here

Recruit every partisan to your cause


One by One

Kill 3 enemies during a single use of Long burst skill



Complete the Bogachevo st. mission with no alarms


You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid

Take Sanek on 5 missions



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