Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Armor of Saber-Toothed Courage – Fragment Locations


Armor of Saber-Toothed Courage – Fragment Locations

  • -Swamp Ruins (near the entrance)



  • -Swamp Ruins (drops from the ferocious devourer)



  • -Tenacious March (east of the acid slug)



  • -Abandoned Keep (first room to the left as you exit the library to the west



  • -Fossil Fields (on the body of the sorcerer medusa on the river bank)



  • -Desecrated Cairn (search the treasure pile in the back)



  • -Armag’s Tomb (e corridor from ice maze, body of a barbarian)



  • -Armag’s Tomb (se exit to lower level, grate in n of that room)



  • -Armag’s Tomb (subfloor, chest in the sw corner of the room to the e of the solitary iron golem)



  • -Armag’s Tomb (subfloor, chest in the very center of the map, hidden door on the eastern edge)



  • -Armag’s Tomb (subfloor, pile of bones on the southeast of the hidden door above)



  • -Armag’s Tomb (Zoreks room, sw of th estone king on a throne, hidden grate)



  • -Armag’s Tomb (Armag’s room, chest on the w wall)


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