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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Cloak of Sold Souls – Artifact Location & Bonuses

7 October 2018, Sunday, 11:55:10

Cloak of Sold Souls – Artifact Location & Bonuses

-4 constitution, +2 caster level for necromancy and summoning subtyped spells, +2 DC for necromancy spells, cast “Vampiric Touch” 3/day (caster level = character level), to unequip you must cast “Remove Curse” and pass a DC 25 check. If you fail the remove curse check then instantly kill the character and summon a Thanadaemon (Astradaemon if level 20).


Fragment description: Ancient Scrap of Script-Covered Leather


Number of fragments: 16 (to craft: 15)



Fragment locations:

  • Lonely Barrow (southwestern side door in first chamber, sarcophagus)


  • Lonely Barrow (southwestern side door in first chamber, southern sarcophagus)


  • Overgrown Cavern (small rock to the left of the entrance. Don’t loot anything else if barbarians are present or you are ready for a fight)


  • Varnhold (small box next to western house, Maegar and merchant may be here arguing depending on story progress)


  • Varnhold (fort interior, small room after the first corridor)


  • Varnhold (fort interior, smal room next to the above room)


  • Kellid Barbarian Camp (body in the western ravine)


  • Sepulchre of Forgotten Heroes (northern room with blue timed switch)


  • Sepulchre of Forgotten heroes (behind the time-gated red door to the east)


  • City of Hollow Eyes (northwestern ruins on a dead body)


  • City of Hollow Eyes (northwestern ruins, dropped by a dread zombie cyclops)


  • Gates to the Valley of the Dead (beyond the gate of the dead. NOTE: BRING DIAMOND DUST AND LOTS OF RATIONS. LOTS OF BOTH. Vordakai’s Tomb can only be entered ONCE)


  • Vordakai’s Tomb (just past the crow who asks for a companions name. NOTE: don’t tell the crow your companions name unless you really really hate that companion)


  • Vordakai’s Tomb (western exit of the room with the soul eaters and GIANT UNDEAD CYCLOPS)


  • Vordakai’s Tomb (first western corridor out of the oil pit on the subfloor)


  • Vordakai’s Tomb (sub sub floor in the room with Willas Gunderson, sarcophagus)


Once you have 15 fragments return to the storyteller to receive the cloak.



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