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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Early Game Tips for a Great Main Character

26 September 2018, Wednesday, 10:08:12

Early Game Tips for a Great Main Character

-Don’t dump (drop to 7) con or wis. Hp and will saves are important for everyone.



-Int and cha are generally safe dumps for classes that don’t rely on those stats. Its been confirmed multiple times that your main doesn’t specifically need high cha to be an effective ruler. Of course if you want more skill points / a higher persuasion you do you.



-Early on, try and focus on offensive feats like weapon focus (provided you know what weapon you will be using) over defensive feats like dodge and toughness.



-For a frontliner/archer try to have at least an 18 in str/dex respectively (after racial modifiers) so you can actually hit things. Read a guide or take advice or something if you want a dex based frontliner as its trickier to build.



-Arrow damage (via a composite bow) is based on str. Crossbows may seem better than bows but you can’t use multiple attacks with them (without feats that haven’t made it into the game).



-Don’t go down the archery feat line (point blank shot, precise shot) unless you are a dedicated ranged combatant. Feats are precious. Recreational archers can make do.



-If you want to dual wield (and still hit anything) you need to put a light weapon in your off-hand. A light shield is light. A longsword is not light. You need to take the two weapon fighting feat (and improved shield bash if you want to dual wield weapon and shield).



-Two-handing a weapon gives you a higher damage bonus from str and more damage from power attack. Its an easy and low feat intensive way to build a high damage frontliner. Of course your AC will be lower without a shield.



-For clerics/inquisitors check carefully which free weapon proficiency you get with each deity as well as the domains they offer. Some weapons are good ie. Shelyn (glaive), Gorum (greatsword). Some weapons are bad (those you already have). Also note the domains a deity offers are based on flavour not necessarily balance (looking at you Desna). So some deities are mechanically better than others.



-Don’t multi-class without a specific plan. All classes are fine to go all the way to level 20 and some of their most powerful abilities are gained late. Prestige classes aren’t necessarily better than base classes (and some are traps for the unwary imho).



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Couple of things about the posts above, crossbows are more viable in this game since they work like a regular bow for attacks per turn, unless of course they patch that later. Also, there is no improved shield bash, but you need the shield bash feat to bash at all and you don’t lose your AC for the next turn using it.