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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Forest Knight’s Bracers – Fragment Locations

8 October 2018, Monday, 5:45:28

Forest Knight’s Bracers – Fragment Locations

  • -Ford Across the Skunk River (hidden cache in the wall near the southern bank of the river)



  • -Lone House (on the body of the Bandit Captain, western side)



  • -Ruined Watchtower (chest to the west of the stone bridge, just above the body with the white cog)



  • -Swamp Witches Hut (northwestern corner, on a branch behind the giant slugs)



  • -Hodag Lair (hidden pile of twigs on the eastern side of the map)



  • -Lizardfolk Village (chest in the chieftans hut, unlock or kill chieftan and take key)



  • -Hunting Grounds (on the body of a giant fly trap, in the water in the middle of the map)



  • -Goblin Fort (in a hidden crate by a wall on the southeastern part of the map)



  • -Womb of Lamashtu (under a rock. Take the left fork to the northwest, in the room with Redcaps & Spiders)



Once you have all 10 fragments please let me know where the 10th is then turn them in to the storyteller for the bracers.



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