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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Kellid Paraphanalia – Fragment Locations

8 October 2018, Monday, 5:28:22

Kellid Paraphanalia – Fragment Locations

  • -Ancient Kellid Rope FragmentDesecrated Cairn (search the treasure pile in the back)



  • -Ancient Kellid Adornment PieceArmag’s Tomb (s corridor after ice maze, body of a barbarian)



  • -Ancient Kellid Sword ShardArmag’s Tomb (sw on a barbarian body in the lightning/fire corridor)



  • -Ancient Kellid Clothing BagArmag’s Tomb (subfloor, chest in the ne corner of the room with the solitary iron golem)



  • -Ancient Kellid Ceramic PotsherdArmag’s Tomb (Armag’s treasure room, secret dor to the ne of Armag’s altar)


Upon turn-in to the storyteller gain 2,250xp, 10,000gp and a good story.



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