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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Kingdom Management Tips

4 October 2018, Thursday, 11:34:00

Kingdom Management Tips

  • -If there is a big crisis, do not wait, don’t do a bunch of sidequests, get to it ASAP. Especially don’t waste precious time with the projects that fast forward 14 days.



  • If there is a big crisis, do not wait, don’t do a bunch of sidequests, get to it ASAP. I really mean it, the game will spawn additional and harder problem events that will sooner or later prevent you from assigning advisors to all problems. This can lead to a downward spiral that might end your kingdom and your game. If you wait really long, there is even an event that will just end your kingdom (with no way at all to handle it successfully). You can still solve your sidequests and build your kingdom afterwards, I promise…



  • -You can only access your kingdom management screen when you are inside your barony. It doesn’t have to be your capital city, any area you claimed will work. Warning: This includes getting notifications about events (specifically, not getting them outside!).



  • -The most common kingdom events must be adressed before the start of the next month, so make sure you return to friendly lands before the end of the month and adress all problems (since they can really take you down), and then with leftover advisors adress opportunites.



  • -Certain projects like adding new lands or upgrading an advisor automatically progress time by 14 days. Save beforehand, and try to time them at the start of the month (so you still have some time to adress new problems and opportunities before months end)



  • -You can buy BPs at a rate of 1 BP = 80 gold from the merchant on the central square.



  • -Upgrading a village to a town requires 3 regions, the upgrade of the 2nd village to a town requires 5 regions etc. A city requires 3 towns. Also the town upgrade requires at least 6 building slots filled in the village. Upgrades are done via projects and pop up automatically when requirements are met.



  • -You get additional advisors by leveling the relevant stat of your advisor to 60. E.g. Hagrim will introduce the arcane advisor when you reach divine 60. It might also require a certain advisor level (3).



  • -You can improve your advisors success rate by leveling up the appropriate rating. Each level of economy adds +2 to the economy advisors roll. If the advisor is a companion, you can also improve the appropriate stat by adding e.g. a headband of intelligence to your economy advisor. Its basically a roll of d20 + 2*rank + stat bonus vs a DC (like a skill check, but the skill rating is the kingom rank).


And thats it. Focus on problems before opportunities, check your kingdom before the turn of the month, and solve any crisis with absolute priority, and you can get a prospering kingdom soon…


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